Woman suffers the theft of her cell phone and takes revenge against the motorcycle

The subject took the phone from her in the middle of the street, but the driver decided to act quickly to get it back.

A woman decided to take revenge on a thief who had stolen her cell phone by running him over in full public thoroughfare Cartagena, Colombia.

It is a fact recorded in the past. monday november 14when a “motojet” he took the cell phone carried by the victim, who was also traveling on a motorcycle.

after the robbery, the woman decided to take revenge and hit the antisocial, who ended up falling to the pavement.

Twitter @AeropuertoEPAOH -Accident in Colombia

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Everything was recorded by a security camerawhich showed how the woman got up from the roadapparently with an injured leg, and approached the man to look for his cell phone. In fact, found it.

After this, others passersby decided to intervene to prevent the subject from fleeing of the place after the frustrated robbery.

The images went viral on social networks, where there were divided opinions, since there were people who valued the woman’s actions, but others they reproached him if risking the physical it is included life was worth it for a cell phone.

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