World Woman suspected of sending ricin package to Trump arrested

Woman suspected of sending ricin package to Trump arrested

A woman was arrested this Sunday for allegedly sending a package with ricin to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, when he was trying to enter the United States from Canada through a border post in the state of New York, according to local media.

The woman wore a firearm and was arrested by the US authorities, said a source of the security services quoted by the television network CNN. Prosecutors in Washington DC are expected to press charges against the suspect.

Amenazas contra Trump

On Saturday, two officials connected with the case told CNN television that a packet with ricin Targeted at Trump, it was intercepted earlier this week by White House security services.

According to the channel, Canadian Ministry of Public Safety spokeswoman Mary-Liz Power said Saturday that she was “aware of the disturbing reports of packages containing ricin directed at federal government facilities in USA“.

Canada Collaboration

“The canadian police it is working closely with the US, but as it is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment further, “he said.

The researchers were looking into the possibility that the ricin package came from Canada and investigations were underway on similar mailings to addresses in Texas that could be connected to the same sender in Canada.

Ricin is one of the stronger toxins that are known and extracted from castor beans. It was isolated in 1888 when it was observed that the extract from the seeds agglutinated blood cells.



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