Women belong to the stove. The internet is insane from the Příbram football poll

Příbram football is experiencing a bad autumn. The A-team currently occupies up to the thirteenth place in the second highest competition and is a long way from returning to the elite. On the contrary, he has to look under himself to avert a possible downhill league. The performances and results are poor and the popularity of the club on the social networks over the weekend will not add to the popularity. The biggest model in the cabin would hardly bark the dog, much more is discussed about their statements on women’s football.

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While some representatives in the poll chose diplomatic answers or avoided the question by not watching the fair-sex football, others went to the market and embarked on the most popular sport offered by women. The video was subsequently downloaded at 16:51 by the Příbram club.

“I’m not watching him at all. I don’t care about football. Probably part of it, let them play it, this is more of a sport for men, “said goalkeeper Ondřej Kočí. “Without comment, I will not comment. I will not comment on it and let them not comment on us, “confirmed Stanislav Vávra. “I don’t like it, I guess so. women should do something different, “added one of the team’s stars, Tomáš Pilík. “Marcel Čermák made the sharpest statement. “It’s not exactly a sport for girls, they should be more of a hotspot,” he added.

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Even another answer will not score completely for women or fans, although Daniel Procházka thought well of his idea. “Girls can dig, too. I wish everyone to play what they enjoy. The opinion is positive. They should and could not be fat, “the young man in the service of Příbram struck a bit. “If we and we don’t get involved, I think it’s ideal,” said goalkeeper Jakub Šiman.

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However, similar statements have provoked the public and fans against the players rather than revolting them, and people return the accounts to the players on social networks. “So a woman is ideal for a stove so that she can take care of the masters of the creatures,” Kristýna Klobásová comments ironically on Příbram’s Facebook, which made it clear with an emoticon that she was upset about it. “With a few exceptions, solidly ground,” adds another Chose Esohc to Kristýna.

And similar comments appear under the video on Youtube. “If someone asked me what I thought about Příbram football, I would probably tell me that I don’t mind, but I would not like to compare it with a boy’s one,” Vít Knop returned to the players. “Instead of commenting on women’s football, the boys should try not to end up in the CFL next year,” added Goth Mog. “Even those girls play better than you in thirteenth place,” another said.

Zohreh Koudaei.

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People from the football community have a similar opinion as supporters, fans and supporters of Příbram. For example, the spokesman of the Football Association Michal Jurman does not understand the video from several angles and in his contribution he also pointed out the action of the representative Andrey Stašková, who scored a hat-trick in the jersey of the famous Juventus on Sunday. Jakub Podaný, for example, also condemned the actions of footballers and the PR club.

Although women from Příbram play the third highest competition, which, like the men’s, is called the Czech Football League, “unlike men, they can really consider advancing to a better league after the autumn, because after eleven rounds they master the table and only draw once. otherwise they celebrated ten wins.

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