Women drugged by injection at parties: the phenomenon increasingly worries our authorities

The first cases were identified in France. But since the beginning of the month, several young women have also testified with us.

Several testimonials and several complaints. The phenomenon of syringe attacks worries our authorities more and more.

It started in France, but cases are also reported here. At Dampicourt, we told you about it a few days ago on RTL INFO, but also at the Inc’rock festival in Incourt where 6 people complained about these actions. They were allegedly drugged by injection.

I started feeling nauseous, throwing up

Charlotte, she thinks she was the victim of one of these bites in Liège. She testifies at the microphone of Kaima Boudiaf. “I didn’t feel any sting or anything.” On May 1, Charlotte decided to go have a drink with her friends in the square in Liège. “On the evening, I was only about 1 minute 30 maximum to smoke a cigarette. After that, I started feeling nauseous, vomiting. I had been drinking, but not to that extent.”

The next day, Charlotte feels pain in her knee. She notices a bruise with a red sting in the center. “I wonder where it comes from and I read about wild bites in France. Couldn’t that be it? I keep thinking and reading a lot more articles about this phenomenon. And there, I see some with exactly the same bruise as the one I had on my leg.”

A disturbing phenomenon

A toxicologist contacted confirms that it is not impossible for a needle stuck in the body to have an immediate effect. To date, no device has been set up in the bars, even if some servers are aware of this problem. For the moment, it is impossible to know if Charlotte was bitten by a syringe that contained drugs, but what is certain is that the phenomenon worries more and more.

This morning, the guest of Bel RTL’s 7h50 was Marc Rezette, Prosecutor of the King of Walloon Brabant. He returned to the complaints filed for these syringe attacks during the Incourt rock festival:

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