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The footballers of FC Bayern missed in the 2: 2 against SGS Essen three important points in the championship. Despite the tie, the feeling of defeat remains. Weak point was the conclusion.

Fridolina Rolfö has often shown how important she is for the Bundesliga footballers of FC Bayern Munich. Especially with the accents that she can put in the offensive game. It was even more amazing how unguarded she was on Sunday. Sometimes it seemed as if the SGS Essen players had forgotten the Swede, sometimes Rolfö was too agile, too uncontrollable. Especially in two moments, which were decisive in this intensive 2: 2 (1: 1) and the at least one point saved the Bayern.

The goal of the season is to win the championship, before this game they were tied with points leader VfL Wolfsburg second. Keeping that condition was the least that was to be achieved. Wolfsburg had submitted with a 5-0 in the one hour earlier kicked-off game against Leverkusen. The frustration in Munich was so great. “For the effort we have today, would have to be clearly three points in it,” said coach Thomas Wörle. “For the moment I'm extremely dissatisfied, we were not consistent, not callous enough.”

Essen made a lot of pressure right from the start and scored the first goal in the fourth minute. Manjou Wilde crossed the ball into the box from the right and national player Lea Schüller was able to press the ball across the line from close range. Bayern's defensive was disorderly and patchy. In the initial phase, Wörle's team found it difficult to gain real access, which was due to inaccuracies in possession of the ball, but above all to the resistance of the guests. The defensive disorder of Bayern held, the offensive was always better. And after many chances it worked in the 34th minute then but Kristin Demann had spotted Rolfö on the left side, which drew in the area two Essenerinnen on and because Ina Lehmann faked the ball while lying, Jovana Damnjanovic got the perfect template for the Balance to 1: 1.

The fact that despite the opportunities, the leadership did not succeed, annoyed the hosts all the more, as they were then, who left a player unguarded. In the 61st minute, the ball flew away in the attempt to clear Sydney Lohmann in a fine arc, but landed in Ramona Petzelberger, who pulled from 20 yards to 2: 1. Bayern goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger was agitated and could not calm down: In their own penalty area they had to fend off shots – in the 64th minute she had no chance against Lea Schüller, but the score did not count offside – and watch how on the other side especially against the end chance by chance was awarded.

“We felt like we were alone on goal five times today and were clearly superior,” said Demann. “We had as many chances today as we have in three games together, and today we can not lose under any circumstances.” It was indeed the impression of Bayern that they had lost here, because they despaired not just after the initial phase on the opponent, but on the own final weakness. Until Rolfö unguarded on the right side got the ball and him to 2: 2 into the goal. But the feeling of defeat remained.

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