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Gymnastics is a project that requires complex, coordinated and beautiful movements to be completed on prescribed equipment. It has high requirements for various physical qualities and is also one of the projects that have more sports injuries. Given the known risks, batch after batch of athletes are still fighting for this event.

On September 22, the women’s gymnastics final of the National Games was held in the Shaanxi Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. Athletes such as Liu Tingting, the captain of the Chinese women’s gymnastics team, and Ou Yushan, who just returned from the Tokyo Olympics, went into battle with injuries and persisted to the last minute.

On September 22, the women’s gymnastics team competition in the National Games.Guangming Daily reporter Guo Hongsong/Guangming Picture

The women’s gymnastics team competition includes 4 events including vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercises. In the previous preliminaries, the Guangdong, Zhejiang and Beijing teams temporarily ranked among the top three women’s teams. However, in the final, the Zhejiang team failed to keep the second place and was overtaken by the Anhui team, which ranked fourth in the preliminary round. In the end, the Anhui team won the silver medal, the Guangdong team won the gold medal, and the Beijing team played steadily and won the bronze medal.

In the vault event, Beijing team Qi Qi, who won the gold medal in the women’s vault in the 2020 National Gymnastics Championships, scored the highest score of 14.200 in this event with 5.400 difficulty points and 8.800 completion points. Her teammate Tang Qianjing scored 5.400. With a difficulty score of 8.633 and a completion score of 14.033, they followed closely behind, winning the top two for the Beijing team in this project.

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The uneven bars project resulted in a tie for first place. Luo Rui from the Guangdong team and Lu Yufei from the Henan team both got the highest score of 14.500 for this project with a difficulty score of 6.200 and a completion score of 8.300. Luo Rui and Lu Yufei both played with injuries. In the recent Tokyo Olympics, Lu Yufei made mistakes in the uneven bars due to injuries. Cui Chengyu, the coach of the women’s gymnastics team of Henan Province, said that since the last Olympic cycle, Lu Yufei has been injured, but she loves gymnastics and has been insisting on it.

The 14-year-old Qiyuan Qiyuan of the Fujian team surpassed the Zhejiang team Guan Chenchen in the balance beam project, with a difficulty score of 6.400 and a completion point of 8.200 to get the highest score of 14.600 points in this project. Guan Chenchen won the championship with 14.933 points in the women’s balance beam finals of the 2020 National Gymnastics Championships; in the 2021 China Gymnastics Women’s Team’s third Tokyo Olympic trials balance beam competition, he won the championship with 15.366 points; gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics In the women’s balance beam final, 14.633 points successfully won the gold medal for China. However, at the Tokyo Olympics, she had adhesive tape on her knees. By the 14th National Games, her injuries were still unhealed and she failed to achieve desired results in the competition.

In the competition arena, no matter which player made a mistake due to injury or nervousness, the audience regretted it and responded with warm applause to encourage the players to continue their efforts.

In an interview after the game, Tang Qianjing of the Beijing team choked for a while, “It’s very unexpected that we can get the bronze medal.” She said, “Everyone has played their best level. Although some regrets, the teammates persisted with injuries. It was the best in the end.”

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When talking about the feeling of participating in the Tokyo Olympics, she said excitedly: “The moment I stood on the podium, I was really proud. Although I did not stand on the highest podium, I saw two national flags in a foreign country at the same time. The country is rising, and the excitement has been deeply imprinted in my mind.” For training, she expressed her gratitude to the strong motherland: “When the epidemic made it impossible for athletes from many countries to train normally, the strong motherland gave us As a solid guarantee for preparing for the Olympics, no country can beat us on this point.”

Ou Yushan, a member of the Guangdong team who won the championship, won first place in the women’s individual all-around and floor exercise in the gymnastics preliminaries of the 14th National Games. The gap is very small, and it cannot be guaranteed.”

She had just returned from the Tokyo Olympics, but she also went into battle with injuries. In the 2018 National Gymnastics Championships Women’s Floor Exercise Qualifying Tournament, Ou Yushan ranked third. Later, she suffered severe foot discomfort during warm-up and had to withdraw from the women’s floor exercise finals. Ou Yushan was injured again in the training on the platform of the 2020 National Gymnastics Championships. . Regarding the injury competition, Ou Yushan said with a smile, “If you get excited during the game, your feet will not hurt so much.”

Liu Tingting, the captain of the Chinese women’s gymnastics team, is also the captain of the Guangdong women’s gymnastics team. Regarding the performance of the teammates in the women’s gymnastics team finals, she said: “This time our six girls performed very well, better than the preliminaries. This is The result of the joint efforts of the coach and everyone.” In fact, Liu Tingting has a very serious foot injury. “Every movement is particularly painful, but I have been thinking about it, just do it, and just finish the whole game.” .

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Liu Tingting is an all-around player. In 2015, he won the first National Youth Games Women’s Gymnastics All-Around Championship. In the 2017 Gymnastics World Cup Melbourne, he won two gold medals on uneven bars and balance beam, and at Doha station he won two gold medals on balance beam and free exercise. In the 2018 Doha World Gymnastics Championships, she successfully defeated the American star Byers with a high score of 14.533 to win the women’s balance beam gold medal.

For Liu Tingting, this year’s National Games will be the final battle of her career. She frankly said: “Today’s gold medal is of great significance to my gymnastics career.” She is also very eager to continue in the subsequent individual competitions. Lead the players to win the championship and enjoy the game.

Regarding future plans, Liu Tingting said: “Maybe as a referee or help in the team. After all, I chose gymnastics and I will devote my life to gymnastics.”

In the women’s gymnastics team finals, we saw the arcs rising into the sky, the elegance of dancing with music, and the unremitting persistence and fighting spirit of the athletes. I hope that all the hard work of the athletes can become the most beautiful scenery in their lives.

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