Women’s volleyball, Italy starts its journey well! Croatia beaten 3-1 in a friendly match in Lanciano

The Italian women’s season begins with a victory: Mazzanti’s team beats Croatia 3-1 in the first match of the DHL Test Match Tournament 2023 in Lanciano at the end of a match played in flashes but, given the possible contraindications of the debut, all in all satisfactory. This is the Croatian sextet: Deak, Dijana, Trcol, Mihaljevic, Tomic, Strunjak and Stimac. Italy responds with: Bosio, Nwakalor, Omoruyi, Mazzaro, Villani, Danesi and Fersino.

After a balanced first part, the blue ones take off in the central part (16-12) and in the final they increase the lead up to 25-18. Danes MVP of the first set with 7 points (100% attack) and 3 blocks. Blue in search of the right automatisms in place four.

Very similar trend in the second set with the Croatians remaining in the blue’s wake but in the central part Mazzanti’s team changes gears and moves to 18-12, resisting rivals’ return (22-20) until 25-21. Less beautiful second set from the point of view of the game, more inaccuracies and overall less orderly teams. Problem for Mazzanti: Omoruyi leaves the field due to a small sore ankle after a wall jump.

In the third set, against Malual, an ace from Karatovic and a mistake from Villani launch the Croatians up 12-9. Italy chases, comes back down twice but fails to turn the situation around e must surrender with the score of 25-23. In the fourth set Italy suffers at the start, which also finds itself chasing the Croatians in scoring but then manages to overtake (8-5) and spreads in the final closing with a score of 25-19 thanks to Villani.

Photo LiveMedia/Lisa Guglielmi

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2023-05-22 21:08:18

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