Women’s Volleyball League-Guangdong 3-0 Yunnan wins 3 consecutive victories, Li Yingying truce, Tianjin abuses Sichuan 25-9_Vargas_Wang Yizhu_Miao Yiwen

Original title: Women’s Volleyball League-Guangdong 3-0 Yunnan won 3 consecutive victories, Li Yingying truce, Tianjin abuse Sichuan 25-9

On November 29, the National Women’s Volleyball Super League of the 2021-2022 season ushered in the fourth round of Group A in Jiangmen Sports Center. Tianjin Bohai Bank defeated Sichuan 3-0 in straight games and topped the list with 4 consecutive victories, even if Li Yingying truce It also did not hinder the transfer of Cuba to Turkey to receive Vargas and score the championship, accumulating 21 points of which 13 points came from a vigorous jump serve; Guangdong Jiangmen Huati also won the league 3-0 by sending the egg to Yunnan University Dianchi College. Winning streak.

Round 4 of Group A:

Tianjin Bohai Bank 3-0 Sichuan Women’s Volleyball Team (25-16, 25-9, 25-19)

Ye Wen takes charge of Sichuan’s opening setter No. 3 Yang Jianing, main attack No. 12 Miao Yiwen and No. 9 Tan Xinyi, in response to No. 7 Tang Weidan and Freeman No. 11 Yang Yuning, Fu Gong No. 6 Wang Sijia and No. 1 Lu Wenjing start; Wang Baoquan coaches Tianjin Bohai Bank to arrange Li Yingying Rotation, with No. 6 Liu Yanhan (August 1st) and No. 20 Wang Yizhu, No. 4 Vargas (Cuba) and second pass No. 16 Yao Di, Deputy Attack No. 15 Wang Yuanyuan and No. 2 Zhang Shiqi (August 1), Freeman On the 13th, Mencius and Liu Liwen played on the 10th.

In the first game, Wang Baoquan arranged for Li Yingying to take a rotation, and the main attacker Wang Yizhu replaced her partner Liu Yanhan. Vargas’ back level was blocked by Lu Wenjing to 1-2. Fortunately, Tang Weidan made a jump ball error and Vargas scored 4 consecutive jumps. point. After 2-5, Miao Yiwen defensively but was backed by Wang Yuanyuan. The Sichuan women’s volleyball team made it to 4-9 because of Miao Yiwen’s second goal, but Tang Weidan blocked it. Wang Yizhu’s strong attack was intercepted by Lu Wenjing and passed to 16-22. Tianjin Bohai Bank defeated Sichuan 25-16 with Vargas’s back and Liu Yanhan’s block.

In the second round, Zhang Shiqi and Wang Yuanyuan’s fast ball, Yao Di’s second ball and Wang Yizhu blocked to 6-0. After the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team was shot by Wang Sijia, Wang Yuanyuan attacked and defended, and Vargas continuously jumped to 10-1 to force Ye Wen to suspend. . The Sichuan women’s volleyball team again took Vargas four times to jump and was probed by Wang Yizhu to 1-15. Lu Wenjing intercepted Wang Yizhu and Yuan Guo chased Liu Yan for 4 points. The Tianjin women’s volleyball team relied on Zhang Shiqi’s short draw and a block to 24-9. Wang Yizhu’s key point was to lead the game 25-9 to 2-0.

In the third round, Miao Yiwen beat out a series of attacks, but Wang Yuanyuan flew back. The Sichuan women’s volleyball team flew to Vargas to make a jump. Miao Yiwen chased Liu Yan and chased 2-3 points in a row. At 5-7, Liu Yan reversed rounds. Before running without transposition, crosses scored 3 points in a row. At 9-8, Wang Yizhu was blocked by Wang Sijia, but it worked to 15-14 for Miao Yiwen. Tianjin Bohai Bank relied on Zhang Shiqi and Vargas to make a short tie to 19-16. Vargas’ counter-round attack and Zhang Shiqi’s short tie was fast to 24-18. , Liu Yanhan won 25-19 in the last three after wasting 1 match point.

Tianjin women’s volleyball team lost 3-0 in three straight games. Sichuan won 4 straight games and only lost 1 game. The scoring champion belonged to Cuba and transferred to Turkey to meet Vargas. 21 points including 13 serving points, 7 offensive points and 1 blocking point. The Bayi internal aid main attacker Liu Yanhan contributed 11 points but the main passer made 12 turnovers 3 times. The diagonal main attacker Wang Yizhu and the deputy attacker Wang Yuanyuan scored 9 and 15 points each. Miao Yiwen scored 14 points for the Sichuan beauty. The offensive shooting rate was 10 of 10 with 2 turnovers and 2 blocked by 38%, but it was higher than Wang Yizhu’s 7 of 2 turnovers and 4 blocked by 35%.

Guangdong Jiangmen Huati 3-0 Dianchi College of Yunnan University (25-19, 25-12, 25-20)

In the first game, Liu Mengya’s attack and defense reached 3-2 but Chen Peiyan broke through. The Yunnan women’s volleyball team was chased by Huang Bixian for a pass. Fortunately, Liu Mengya’s strong attack showed through the Hawkeye challenge to borrow to 4-5. Yu Jiarui’s second goal was 10-4, but Wang Yifan and Li Yao missed 3 points in a row. Guangdong Jiangmen Huati was attacked by Zhang Xinlu 13-9 and lost 2 points in the post, forcing Feng Li to suspend. Fortunately, Zhang Fengmei hit the head after Wang Yifan was three to 19-15. After Huang Xiaoyan broke through the wasted game point of the Guangdong women’s volleyball team, Yu Jiarui won 25-19 with the second goal.

In the second game, Hu Yuqin jumped and Zhang Xinlu defended against the counter, Huang Xiaoyan blocked, Yunnan women’s volleyball team made a mistake after 3-0. Losing 4 points in a row led to a reversal. Huang Bixian attacked the fastball and Chen Peiyan scored 4 points in a 12-9 defense. After Huang Bixian blocked the ball by Zhang Xinlu, Guangdong Jiangmen Huati. Li Yao attacked and defended, and Chen Peiyan broke through 18-12 and hit a 7-0 shock wave. The Guangdong women’s volleyball team beat Yunnan to a 25-12 lead to 2-0.

In the third game, Liu Mengya blocked and jumped, and He Jie blocked it with 2-3 points to reverse. Yunnan University Dianchi College was attacked by Zhang Fengmei and Wang Yifan at 8-4. After 11-8, Wang Yifan broke through and Huang Bixian blocked. Then Fei Shang Chunyu pursued the game, losing 3 points in a row and was tied by He Qi, but was still dropped by Chen Peiyan. Huang Bixian and Zhang Fengmei jumped and jumped for 3 points at 19-18. The Guangdong women’s volleyball team passed Huang Bixian’s probe to 24-19 and was saved by Liu Mengya by 1 match point. Wang Yifan tied the game with 25-20 to lock the game to 3-0.

Guangdong Jiangmen Huati also won 3 consecutive victories by sending the egg to Yunnan University Dianchi College 3-0. Chen Peiyan and Wang Yifan from the left were also the shared scoring champion with 14 points. The team leader Li Yao scored 12 points and became the second passer Yu Jiarui’s trusted offense. Trident, deputy attacker Zhang Fengmei and Huang Bixian also scored 8 points. On the other hand, Shandong’s internal aid deputy Sun Ruhan was scheduled to rest. Captain Liu Mengya and deputy attacker Zhang Xinlutong scored 11 points to save Yunnan University’s Dianchi College. Diagonal deputy attacker Lei Yanxi and pick-up Huang Xiaoyan only scored 6 and 5 points. (Su Yingguo)Return to Sohu to see more


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