Wondering how much more gas is going to cost? You can find it at in…

Are you afraid that there will be no gas for heating? Want to know how the state is doing? You will be surprised what the state obligatorily publishes on the Internet. You will find out everything.

Concerns about the lack of gas are evident at every turn, i.e. mainly from every headline in the media on the Internet and in newspapers. Not to mention commercial TV. But each of us has the opportunity to check everything easily on the Internet, so there is no need to think about whether or not to start storing gas in plastic bags for worse times.

Everything is under public control

The state and gas handling companies are required to publish a lot of statistics online. You can find everything at AGSI+ website, which is a platform for gas infrastructure in Europe. After clicking on individual countries, you will see exactly who stores gas reserves, where and how. What is consumption, fulfillment, etc. Although everything is in English, it is quite clear.

But if you want a really simple interface, programmer Tomáš Fridl has created one simple graphical interface, which is based on AGSI+. Here you can also see how many days we can last with gas supplies while simultaneously filling the storage tanks, for how many days the supplies would be enough for households only, etc.

Source: AGSI+

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