Woody Allen: “Could drop dead here at the table, and it would not surprise you”


WORLD: “A Rainy Day In New York” is a love comedy about two newly engaged college kids who suddenly split up on a weekend in the metropolis, meet other people, and experience adventures that change them so much. What do you know about love?

Woody Allen: One can speculate about love, which is also very stimulating, but one can neither understand nor control it. Since we are at the mercy of chance. One can only hope that one is lucky, and that is precisely why there is so much pain in love, problems and difficulties, it is a very complicated part of life. Everyone wrote about it. Chekhov, Tolstoy, Stendhal. But no one has ever found anything that could solve the problem.

WORLD: “A Rainy Day In New York” is a film about the search for one's own identity. When did you find yours?

Allen: When I was in high school, all my friends had to make the big decision about what they should eventually study in college.



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