Wopke Hoekstra is not a candidate for the leadership, the CDA NOW

Wopke Hoekstra is not available as a leader for the PARTY, so he leaves on Wednesday to know, in an interview with the The Telegraph.

The secretary of the treasury, was considered to be one of the favourites for the lijsttrekkerschap of the ruling party.

“A lot of people inside and outside of the internet have given me over the past year and energized about the leadership, to think about,” said Hoekstra, in a The Telegraph. “And yet, I still come to the same conclusion. The fact that I do not need to do that.”

Hoekstra says of himself more as a director rather than as beroepspoliticus.

The Young and C as potential candidates to

The CDA, which opened Monday, is the application process for the lijsttrekkerschap for the general election in march 2021.

The Minister of Health, Hugo, the Young, and the secretary of state for Economic Affairs, Her C, are also known as as potential candidates. C showed up last year, to know, to be open to the partijleiderschap.

Candidates have until the 24th of June is the time to sign up. Subsequently, the CDA board at the end of June, with a proposal, which opponents run themselves to be able to log in.

If the board shall find that there are more qualified candidates than there lijsttrekkersverkiezingen to come. Between the 6th and 9th of July it is expected that the party’s new leader to choose from.


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