Entertainment Words about childbirth in Croatia: Pregnant Konvičková got a...

Words about childbirth in Croatia: Pregnant Konvičková got a crazy idea

Singer Markéta Konvičková had a fairytale holiday with her friend Renda. Even though a harsh reality occurs when he arrives home, he can still live on his memories. Markéta obviously does that too. Her social networks are literally littered with images of seaside destinations.

“So we have already returned from Croatia, ride 12h, standing on the border HR / SLO over 2h, in both directions, classic, the season is going, they did not want anything special, only proof of identity, otherwise the roads are fine,” Konvičková described the way back.

Konvickova enjoyed Croatia

However, she would prefer to stay in Croatia. At least that’s what her recent words say. “Just today I called my mother and told her that she should have given birth to me in Croatia and left me there. So she told me she would get better next time. Until then, I will be happy to return here, albeit with a small navel and Renda with a big navel, and that life will take on a completely different dimension, “Konvičková joked on the social network.

The truth is, her belly is already big. “So yeah. I’m already rounding up. I already know that. It flies incredibly well. She will be here with us in two months and a while, “the singer writes on Instagram, saying that she is very much looking forward to the baby.



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