Words that break the heart .. “Mabkash Lea Hadd” is a famous shock and sadness after Shweikar’s death

The able artist Shweikar left our world a while ago, at the age of 82.

Shahira expressed her deep sadness at the departure of the artist Shweikar.

She posted a picture of Shweikar through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”: She explained that she had communicated with her and she was in good health, and said that she would have met her.

And she wrote: “I mean, this is a salvation.

And she added, “Oh, shoosho, I’m not talking to you for about twenty days. I can’t help you.


The Theatrical Professions Syndicate called out the late artist, through her Facebook account, as a writer: “Surviving God mourns the Theatrical Professions Syndicate .. The death of the great artist Shweikar .. May God have mercy on the deceased and inspired patience and solace to her family and her fans.”

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