Work in Poland for Ukrainians: the number of vacancies has skyrocketed, that’s who’s name

In Poland, the number of Ukrainian migrant workers reached a historically high level, while the demand for them is still high. One of the reasons: GDP of their neighbors will increase by 11.1% by the end of the year, Poles are actively coming out of the crisis and are in need of labor. The tallest the need for specialists in food factories, warehouses and production.

About this in the comments OBOZREVATEL told the director of one of the departments of the international company Gremi Personal Anna Jobolda. “Poland is experiencing an acute shortage of workers from Ukraine in all key sectors of the economy. The Polish economy has compensated for the losses from the pandemic and demonstrates the highest GDP growth throughout history – by 11.1% per year, according to the Polish General Statistics Office. workers also

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high, “says the expert.

Workers are needed in manufacturing enterprises – food and processing industries, the production of plastic products, logistics centers, warehouses, construction. These are the sectors of the economy where about 80% of Ukrainians in Poland work.

Farmers argue that apple harvesting is in jeopardy: wages for workers are already so high that harvesting does not make economic sense. The shortage of personnel also does not allow reaching the pre-pandemic level of the service and hospitality sector (hotels, restaurants and cafes).

Most Popular Jobs:

These are different vacancies – from slaughtering chickens and turkeys or filleting fish in finished product packaging.

This kind of work is offered to both men and women. Moreover, experience at similar establishments and

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knowledge of Polish is optional. You can earn PLN 4-6 thousand per month (UAH 27-40 thousand) depending on the work schedule.

This is the job of packing clothes and sorting orders. You can earn 3.5-4.5 thousand zlotys per month, depending on the work schedule (23.5-30 thousand UAH).

The greatest shortage of workers in Poland is now in areas where male work is required – in the production of wood and metal products or in factories for the production of plastic

products (various household goods). You can earn PLN 3.8-4.5 thousand per month depending on the work schedule (25.5-30.1 thousand UAH).

As previously wrote OBOZREVATEL, hundreds of different vacancies were opened for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic: first of all, in the neighboring country they need laborers, technical and medical personnel… The size of the salary depends on the conditions and can be up to UAH 150 thousand per month.

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