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Watching waves of dryness, heat, prickly heat, and drunkenness, Chinese medicine recommends 3 teas for clearing away heat and relieving hangovers.

What will you be doing tonight at 11 o’clock?

During the days when the World Cup is held, everyone is likely to watch the waves at 11 o’clock in the evening; more likely, they will watch the waves all night. Going to bed early and waking up early is a well-known saying for good health, but it is a four-year event, many people will choose to indulge. I will not talk about persuading the world to go to bed early. The following are some soups and teas to relieve fatigue, heat and heat and hangover after staying up late watching the waves.

3 types of tea for clearing heat, reducing fire and relieving hangover

Written by: Ni Yongmei, registered Chinese medicine practitioner

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Taiwanese nutritionist Gao Minmin once worked inFacebook pageThe article pointed out that improving insomnia can start with diet and intake of 3 major nutrients that can help improve sleep. She explained the role of nutrients, and cited many food examples, people who often have nightmares or insomnia may wish to try.

Click on the image to see dietary tips for better sleep:

3 effective sleep supplements

Many people try to supplement sleep to improve the problem due to poor sleep quality at night, but Gao Minmin pointed out that supplementing sleep does not mean that the longer the better, it may make yourself more tired. If you want an effective sleep supplement, she has the following suggestions:

Finally, nutritionist Gao Minmin reminded that if you have the habit of staying up late, it is very important to replenish water, because having enough water can make the body healthy and energetic, and it can also help cell repair, repair fatigue and keep away nightmares. But she also pointed out that staying up late is very harmful to the body, and it is recommended to maintain good sleep habits.

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Taiwanese nutritionist Yu Zhuqing also worked in hisfacebook pageRecommend the following 8 foods that can help relieve fatigue:

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