world cup 2022 defeat of Germany-Argentina with a chance of being eliminated in the first round

Although the game pictures of both pairs are similar in that blue, white and iron eagles shoot first But in the end, he was overtaken. Finished the first game like a shock to the football world.

What happened to the two superpowers of the world football team? And the opportunity to qualify for the 2022 World Cup this time is still available or not? Thai Rath online news team invites you to listen to the views of “Coach Tum” or Rangsiwut Chalopatham football analysis and former manager of the Police Club and Udon Thani FC

Argentina’s defeat is offside, hat-trick

Coach Tum Analyze that in this game Argentina had many chances in the first half. Because the defender of the Saudi team push up almost half the field Makes a lot of space in the backland make a lot of opportunities had several chances to drop solo…(but was offside)

But the problem that arises is that many world-class players like “Messi” themselves should be able to raise the line. (Running to cut the back panel not to be offside) He shouldn’t have to leave first. because there are a lot of space when betting on the ball in the channel How do you get alone? Because the defender won’t be able to run in time.

“The one facing the door with his back to the door Even if the person facing the door runs behind However, it has an advantage.

Coach Tum saw that in the first half, Saudis did not intend to use the “offside trap” plan, which in the past Someone analyzed this issue. But… the truth is not like that. No one would play football to catch offside. because it is considered dangerous But what Argentina was about in that game was ‘missing’ on a ball like this, something that shouldn’t have happened.

When in the second half, Saudi Arabia changed the way they played. From the beginning that he didn’t play “heavy” football, but this time he used this method, the reason that if it was a season football will focus on the use “Football tactics” but .. because of the World Cup It’s a football tournament.

Coach Tum said that when using the pressing system by squeezing in Even the players who are “Superman” Like Messi did not survive, partly because “Messi” Not the same, starting to get a little fat and getting older. “Messi” Not as diligent as before, playing like “round the ball”

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Playing pressure, “pressing” football, regardless of the level of the team. If facing heavy pressure, it’s difficult to go because no defender is trained to dodge the striker. What you can do when the defender gets the ball has to double the ball. “And how?

“What Saudi Well done in the second half. Pressing hard, causing Argentina to frustrate. Can’t play in their own game because “Yang” doesn’t often find space to play, plus those who have been “experienced” for a long time, they don’t often move to find space. different from the rising stars When not finding space makes the game difficult to play and it ended like that…”

world cup 2022 defeat of  Germany-Argentina  with a chance of being eliminated in the first round
Lionel Messi

The Iron Eagle with Broken Wings Defeats the Samurai

For the game Germany and Japan, Coach Tum gave the view that In the first half, Germany did better, able to release the ball at speed, but what was lacking was “center forward” When there is no settling in the front, the “Thomas Muller” does not know who to play with. But it didn’t damage anything…

What is the turning point of the game “Germany” with “Japan” is the replacement of “Ilkay Gundogan” off the field is considered a mistake.

What “Gundokan” had done the whole game before substitution was to coordinate in midfield. Fill in the frontcourt, help the game, receive and collect all the balls. But when changing out Makes the midfield keep the ball less…

When encountering Japan, “pressing” is a panel, so it shows symptoms. Even… the first half Germany will have total control. Japan can’t fight But when the second half changed “Gundokan”, it turned out that Germany could not make the game. This is severe damage. Even if the ball is 1-0 lead, there is a chance to add to 2-0.

Even if the person who plays together comes down But … the highlight of “Gundokan” makes it very different, even though the wings from “on the line” play well, used to get the ball easily. become less…

world cup 2022 defeat of  Germany-Argentina  with a chance of being eliminated in the first round

On the other hand, the substitution of “Japan” is effective, it is called different from “Germany”.

Coach Rangsiwut confirmed that the game that Germany lost came from “False substitution!” which is obvious, and another error comes from “Manuel Neuer” goalkeeper of the German national team.

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The ball that conceded the second goal First of all, you must watch “Takuma Asano”, whose speed is off the line. and rushed in But… what happened was that the shot hit the first post. The goalkeeper must be able to save.

because of the nature of goalkeeper when there is a surge Must come to cover the corner of the first post, but “Neuer” can’t accept it, this is called “missing”. If “Asano” shoots at the second post, it will be difficult to shoot because the angle is small.

world cup 2022 defeat of  Germany-Argentina  with a chance of being eliminated in the first round
Hans-Dieter Flick

“Not coming out to close the corner in that second. It’s a decision… At that time, there were players running around. But when guarding the first pillar, it must be closed, so the responsibility cannot be escaped. Because he was shot at the first post, crossed his face… It’s like drawing a goal line if the ball comes off and the goal doesn’t pick up. The goalkeeper has to take responsibility.

Coach Tum commented that As for the reason why the Japanese football team won this game, it was perseverance, not giving up, while having discipline was already a matter of reputation. When playing, they are ready and ready to fight with bigger teams. Make it come back to win…

Chances of getting into the playoffs for Germany and Argentina

When asked if Germany will repeat itself four years ago… Coach Tum commented that Germany still has a chance… Spain vs Costa Rica game Almost nothing is Costa Rica, let Spain play at their best.

“If playing this kind of game Shouldn’t have attacked too, just two layers of defense is enough. Costa Rica doesn’t chase the ball at all. Jogging runs make Spain play comfortably.

world cup 2022 defeat of  Germany-Argentina  with a chance of being eliminated in the first round
Manuel Neuer

Personally, I still think that “Germany” still has a chance to beat Spain and Costa Rica, while Japan personally thinks that there are still weaknesses. without any seasoned players to support Concentrating on his own game, which has a chance of winning against Costa Rica, but against Spain, will be difficult.

What to watch is Costa Rica because of playing the World Cup. This time was different from the previous rounds, where the World Cup should not have been like this, getting 6-7 shots.

“When the scores are equal Will look at the child – lose which Germany had to shoot as much as possible which next match If Germany beat Spain total pressure will come back to Japan because Japan sees this is true But when meeting Costa Rica, it may be close to winning because it comes from diligent children. But the game image is believed to be superior. personally believe Germany will not lose to Spain.”

As for “Argentina” there should be a problem… Because what happens is that every team has seen an example in the Saudi game, so when it comes to meeting Argentina will play like this

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The factor that will bring Argentina back, Messi must move more. Because the problem is that “Messi” likes to call the ball to pass to him. Qualified or not depends on “Messi”, while “Di Maria” plays the same way over and over again, which has to face 2 other teams, Poland and Mexico, may have to win…

world cup 2022 defeat of  Germany-Argentina  with a chance of being eliminated in the first round

Charm World Cup 2022

Coach Tum talks about the difference between World Cup 2022 Compared to previous times, namely the World Cup this time. It is considered to be more fun to play. play faster because every team wants to get 3 points

“So we can see the coach quickly making ‘tactic’ decisions, which if they go wrong, have immediate consequences and can’t be irreversible, so it depends on the experience of the coach and the players. to watch football in the early evening

Brazil, England, favourites! World Cup Champion 2022

Coach Tum looked at Brazil with the reason that Have a complete player Which will have to wait and see the form in the competition in the first match, and the other team that looks at “England” England has 3 offensive lines that coordinate up to 6 people, able to change and rotate to use, such as Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling Jack Grealish, Bukayo Saka, everyone can replace them. because everyone has the same ability

“On the edge of the line, it is very organized, making it easy to play in the middle, although Harry Kane has not shot yet, but he is an indispensable link in the game, called this year “England” is another interesting favorite … ”

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