World Cup 2022 results England vs USA Netherlands share points with Ecuador, Qatar fall

summarize world cup 2022 results in Qatar, Group B between England meet United Statesin which this pair during 90 minutes does not have a goal while in Group A Netherlands meet Ecuador It can not be eaten as well, which results in a draw.Hosts Qatar have officially become the first team to be eliminated from the World Cup. Even if there is only 1 game left

battle World Cup 2022 at Al Bayt Stadium, Group B between england vs usa Before that game, the Roaring Lions had 3 points, if they were able to win, they would go into the knockout round as the first team immediately.

The first half of this game turned out to be The best opportunity came in the 34th minute, the United States almost scored a goal. Christian Pulisic that hit with the left outside the box The ball hit the crossbar, the United States missed the opportunity to take the lead unfortunately. The first half ended in a tie 0-0.

In the second half, the United States played more energetically than in possession of the ball to invade England. But until then, until the last survivor Neither side scored a goal. At the end of the game, England drew America 1-1, sharing 1 point each, both had to go to the final round. The Roaring Lions will face Wales while the United States will have to go to the temple with Iran on November 29, 2022.

Summary of the 2022 World Cup Group B points table

1. England, 2 matches, 4 points (+4)

2. Iran 2 matches 3 points (-2)

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3. USA, 2 matches, 2 points (+0)

4. Wales played 2 matches, 1 point (-2)

World Cup 2022 results England vs USA  Netherlands share points with Ecuador, Qatar fall

As for Group A games at Khalifa Stadium International Stadium Orange Knights Netherlands meet Ecuador Before the game, both teams had 3 points, this pair started just 6 minutes, the Netherlands quickly took the lead. The moment an Ecuadorian player throws a ball before the ball came into the way Cody Gakpo Spin with the left side, squeeze the pole into the net to make the score move to 1-0.

A golden opportunity to equalize Ecuador in the first half of stoppage time from a corner kick. tung net But at this moment, the referee gave Poroso Vernasa an offside ball that played a part. Causing the team from South America to miss the opportunity to equalize unfortunately

However, in the second half, in the 49th minute, Ecuador came to a 1-1 draw, Yerrian Timber, the orange knight’s defensive side, lost the ball mid-way before Gonzalo Plata sent Pervis Estupignan to hit the left. Stuck on Andries Noppert’s save, but the ball bounced out into the way of Enner Valencia, who followed repeatedly. make the game equal again

Ecuador played vigorously and almost overtook the lead from the moment when Gonzalo Plata spun with his left foot, the ball passed the goalkeeper’s hand. But pushed to hit the crossbar at the end of the game. The Netherlands drew 1-1 with Ecuador.

The draw resulted in Qatar becoming the first team in the World Cup to be officially eliminated. In the last game of this group, the Netherlands will face Qatar, while Ecuador will face Senegal on November 29, 2022, to find a team to qualify for the next knockout round.

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2022 World Cup Group A points table summary

1. Netherlands, 2 matches, 4 points (+2)

2. Ecuador, 2 matches, 4 points (+2)

3. Senegal, 2 matches, 3 points (+0)

4. Qatar 2 matches 0 points (-4)

World Cup 2022 results England vs USA  Netherlands share points with Ecuador, Qatar fall

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