[World Cup]Steining’s residence in London was robbed and he left the team and returned to the UK. Team leader Schiffky: Family will always be number one

Stanning’s residence in London was robbed and he left the team and returned to the UK. Team leader Schofki: Family will always come first

England defeated Senegal 3-0 in the round of 16 of the World Cup this morning, but Stanning was absent due to “family reasons”. It is reported that the winger was robbed by thieves at his mansion in London. His family was frightened and rushed back The British team leader Schiffki admitted that he did not know whether Stanning would return to the team to continue the World Cup, but emphasized that “family will always come first.”

British media pointed out that Stanning’s mansion in Surrey was broken into and robbed by several armed robbers on Saturday (3rd) UK time, and lost 300,000 pounds of property. All in the house. Stanning was worried about the safety of his family after receiving the news, so he immediately flew back to the UK from Qatar to take care of his family and deal with the incident.

England team leader Schiffki said after the game this morning when he talked about the reasons for Stanning’s departure: “The most important thing for Stanning is his family. We will fully support him.” When asked whether Stanning will return to the World Cup team, Xiu Fuki bluntly said “I don’t know”: “I don’t want to put any pressure on him. Sometimes football is not the most important thing. Family always comes first.”


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