World family doctor day. Smi and Assimefac: “They are the heart of healthcare”

An opportunity to highlight the contribution that family doctors make to healthcare systems around the world. “On May 19, we honor and appreciate the tireless efforts of family doctors”, the invitation of the Italian Doctors Union and the Interdisciplinary Scientific Society Association of Family and Community Medicine, who on that day also ask to remember “colleagues who died during the pandemic”.

17 MAG – Assimefac (Interdisciplinary Scientific Society and Family and Community Medicine Association) and the Smi (Italian Doctors Union), in concert with the Wonca Global Family Doctor (World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians), celebrate World Family Doctor Day on 19 May 2023.

“An opportunity – they say Josephine Onotrigeneral secretary Smi; Leonida IannantuoniPresident Assimefac, and Giovanni B. D’Errico, president of Cts Assimefac, – to underline the vital role and contribution of family doctors in healthcare systems around the world. Since its inception by Wonca in 2010, WFDD has become an annual celebration that recognizes the central role of family physicians in providing health care that is personal, comprehensive and continuous to patients. This day is a great opportunity to recognize and appreciate the advances being made in family medicine globally.”

“On May 19 – conclude Onotri, Iannantuoni and D’Errico -, we honor and appreciate the tireless efforts of family doctors to improve health outcomes and create healthier communities around the world, also the possibility to remember all colleagues who died during the pandemic by lending his tireless work in favor of his clients”.

17 maggio 2023
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