‘World of Warcraft’, expansion pack ‘Dragonflight’ not released this year

Source = Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment announced that Dragonflight, the next expansion pack for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, will be released later this year.

Dragon Isle has four new locations: the vibrant Waking Shores, the lush Ohn’ahran Plains, the vast Azure Span, and the dazzling Thaldraszus. Areas will be showcased, and players will venture into these areas on their journey towards a new level cap, level 70. In addition, through a new air movement method, Dragonriding, you can ride on the customizable Dragon Isles Drakes and cross the skies of a new area. Dragon Isle is home to an all-new playable allied race, the Dracthyr, who specializes in the Evoker profession, harnessing the magic of multiple dragonflights for ranged attack or healer specializations. You can start at level 58.

The digital pre-sale of the Hero Bundle (84,900 won) and the Mythic Bundle (109,900 won) of the Dragonflight will start from June 22. Each digital bundle contains one or more prizes that will aid you in collaborating with the dragonflight to reclaim lost realms.

You can also see the Dragonflight Collector’s Set. This product includes a myth bundle digital key and a Drax pet, as well as various other items. Players who have purchased the Collector’s Edition can view the art development process of the Dragonflight through the ‘Art of Dragonflight’ hardcover book, and upgrade the gameplay experience with the powerful Alexstrasza mousepad. You can add an atmosphere with a set of pins that symbolize the five dragonflights of Azeroth.

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