World of Warcraft Shadowlands has the highest pre-orders of any World of Warcraft expansion

Right now, the World of Warcraft player record with purchased access to the expansion is the largest in a decade.

The new expansion for World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, I was going to be available from October 27, but Blizzard decided to delay its arrival. Although ensured it would be available before the end of the year, something that was confirmed as true a few days ago when announcing its new departure date: November 24.

This news has not made World of Warcraft Shadowlands has lost sales, since Blizzard enabled a means to request the evolution of money, but have secured them. What’s more, Shadowlands prevention have been such that they surpass any other World of Wacraft expansion in its 16-year history.

We have seen an ascending number in trend regarding the World of Warcraft subscriber base, which has doubled since the launch of Classic last year“, the CEO de Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick in a recent call with investors. “The presales of the new expansion, Shadowlands, are the highest we have seen at this stage of development in any other“.

This 2.5 “solid state drive is perfect for both consoles and PCs, reaching a read speed of over 500MB per second.

Player engagement is at the highest level of any expansion in a decade“said Daniel Alegre, chief of operations of Activision Blizzard, Kotick then added that World of Warcraft genera “more than a billion dollars“in annual net benefits together with the saga FPS Call of Duty.

Blizzard had planned to launch this new expansion at the end of October, but finally decided to postpone its launch after deciding that they had “clear needing more time to polish additional things, in addition to balancing and iterating on some pieces that were interlocking“.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands now has its free mount, players have chosen the Wandering Ancestor

Blizzard explained that they have used the extra time to “prop up the endgame and tie the dots towards the end of the game, including overhauling combat and rewards in Maw, as well as reworking the pact system to make decisions have greater immediate impact and clearer long-term goals“.

Source: PC Gamer


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