World preliminaries in Asia, the top 12 groupings are released, the national football division is considered a good

  World preliminaries in Asia’s top 12 groupings are released, the national football division is considered a good sign

  It’s up to you, Li Tie needs to play “cost-effective”

At 3 pm on July 1, the group draw ceremony for the top 12 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 12 teams participating in the top 12 games are divided into two groups. China’s opponents in the same group are Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Vietnam. In general, the Chinese team’s signing is ideal. At present, the national football match time has also been released. The first match of the Chinese team will be held on September 2 this year, against Australia. On March 29, 2022, the national football team will usher in the official battle against Oman. It is worth noting that the match between the national football team and Vietnam will be held on February 1, 2022, which is the first day of the new year.

Qilu Evening News·Qilu One Point Reporter Ji Yu

  National football sub-file counted and signed

According to the qualifying rules of the World Preliminaries, in addition to the host Qatar, there are 4.5 seats in the Asian region that will advance to the 2022 World Cup, including 4 directly advanced seats and 1 intercontinental play-off seat. The top two of the two groups will advance directly, and the third of the two groups will compete for a place for the intercontinental play-offs. For the national football team, it is the best choice to advance directly to the top two of the group.

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For the national football team, being able to avoid the powerful Iran and the traditional “suffer” South Korea team will help the team achieve a higher ranking. At present, Japan and Saudi Arabia will become the biggest threat to the national football, but other teams should not be underestimated.

In this century, the Chinese men’s football team fought 10 times with the Japanese team, and the national football team had 4 draws and 6 losses without a win. In recent years, the level of Japanese football has improved significantly, and more than 450 players have chosen to “Europe”. Saudi Arabia has brought many tragic memories to the national football team. This century, the National Football Team has played against Saudi Arabia three times, with a record of 1 draw, 1 loss and 1 win. Since 2000, China has won all victories against Vietnam and Oman, and has a record of 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss against Australia.

  Li Tie is more optimistic about promotion

Since the Chinese team entered the World Cup for the first time in 2002, “getting out” has always been the dream of the national football team. Since Li Tie coached, the national football team has won 4 games and successfully entered the top 12. Li Tie gave a positive view on the prospects of qualifying for the national football team. “Very good, very good. We will do our best to play every game.” Li Tie said.

National football captain Wu Xi said that the team has a 50% chance to advance. “The game is very important, but I think we still have to maintain a good attitude, return to football itself, don’t think too much, and give full play to the skills and tactics and team spirit. If we can face these ten games with this attitude , I think we have a 50% chance of reaching the World Cup.”

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According to reports, in order to help the top 12 matches, the Chinese Football Association will further manipulate the issue of naturalization. At present, the naturalized players recruited by the national football team include Exon, Li Ke, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Luo Guofu, and Alan. In addition, Shenzhen foreign aid Caldek’s naturalization and membership change procedures are in operation, and he is expected to catch up with the next four contests of the top 12. If all goes well, this traditional Brazilian center will enhance the national football’s forward ability.

  The same group of opponents have different opinions on the national football

Before and after the top 12 groupings were released, multinational media talked about the Chinese team in their analysis. Among them, the South Korean media said that they hope to avoid strong teams such as Japan and believe that it is more advantageous to be in the same group with teams such as China. At the same time, the Vietnamese media also believe that if they can be grouped with Iran, Australia, the UAE, and China, there may be miracles.

After the draw result was announced, the Vietnamese media wrote that Vietnam has a chance to score points and even win the game against China.

Among the comments about the declining national football team, the Japanese media are more cautious in their views on the Chinese team. Some Japanese media said that considering the Chinese team’s four-game winning streak in the top 40, and the addition of naturalized players, this Chinese team should not be underestimated. Japanese media said that they are more willing to be in the same group with Iraq than China.

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In general, under the local coach Li Tie, this national football team with naturalized players has indeed improved, but to qualify, you need to go all out to play every game. From the perspective of value, the national football team opponent Japan topped the list with 145.9 million euros, Australia and Saudi Arabia were worth 32.8 million euros and 30.85 million euros respectively. The National Football Association is worth 22.85 million euros, ranking only fourth. To qualify successfully, Li Tie must play the team’s “cost-effective”.


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