World Table Tennis Championships: Step up preparations!Chen Meng practiced hard footsteps Mima Ito practiced against attack_training

Original title: World Table Tennis Championships: Step up preparations!Chen Meng practiced hard footwork Mima Ito practiced against attack

On November 21st, Beijing time, the World Table Tennis Championships are about to start. Athletes from various countries have arrived one after another and are stepping up preparations and training.

Yesterday the Japanese team’s training map was exposed. Women’s Ping Pong’s top opponent Mima Ito is also actively preparing for the game. She and the male coach are engaged in combat training. Before leaving for the United States, Mima Ito revealed domineeringly in an interview with Japanese media that after the Olympic women’s singles loss, she trained harder and her condition is getting better and better. This time, she must win the gold medal in the event she participated in.

In order to complete the goal of the Grand Slam, Chen Meng is stepping up training. It can be seen in the exposed training chart that Chen Meng is doing footwork training and catching the ball with his hands to exercise his agility.

Wang Manyu, who won two championships in the National Games, did not slack off, and is working hard to smash the ball. Wang Manyu is 176 centimeters tall, with long arms and a wide guarding area. If the opponent lobs, she can’t beat her. In this World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Manyu’s success in women’s singles is still worthy of attention.

In addition, the draw ceremony of the World Table Tennis Championships will be held at 1:00 am Beijing time tomorrow. As the number one seeds in the men’s and women’s singles, Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng will appear at the draw. The Japanese team’s Zhang Benzhihe is also determined to participate.Return to Sohu to see more

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