World travel & tourism council endorses Colombia’s biosafety seal

Colombia receives the support of the World Travel & Tourism Council in its work to implement biosafety protocols in the tourism industry and restore the confidence of travelers. The international organization has awarded the “Safe Travels” seal to the actors of the Colombian tourism industry that obtain the voluntary certification “Certified check-in, COVID-19 bioseguro”, created by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and supported by the World Tourism Organization.

“Obtaining the support of an organization as important at an international level as the World Travel & Tourism Council shows that our strategy to implement biosafety protocols for tourism is at the level of the demands that exist on the international scene. Undoubtedly, since Colombia is a “Safe Travels” destination, it will generate confidence among both national and foreign travelers who want to visit our country, ”said the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo.

“We are pleased that the WTTC has supported this initiative that we have developed to contribute to the reactivation of tourism under strict biosafety protocols, and within the framework of the Commitment for Colombia strategy, which seeks to reestablish this industry under the key elements of sustainability and trust. Now with the “Safe Travels” seal, of international scope, we are demonstrating to the world our commitment to a recovery of the sector in a coordinated and regulated way, ”explained Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

WTTC designed this seal with the aim of contributing to the responsible and safe reopening of tourism worldwide, once the authorities of each country determine that the conditions exist for it.

“The seal is a fundamental step to restore the confidence of travelers and ensure that they can rest easy knowing that there are improved standards of hygiene and that they can once again experience safe travel,” explained Gloria Guevara, president of WTTC in a statement referring to to the importance of this certificate.

In addition, the organization explains that Colombia is part of a rapidly growing global network of important national, regional and local destinations committed to rebuilding trust among travelers so that safe travel can be enjoyed as restrictions are eased.

This support was consigned in Resolution 0904 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in which it is explained that “Colombia, as a ‘Safe Travels’ destination, can issue the ‘Safe Travels’ Seal to those who comply with the biosecurity protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. In this sense, those who have the right to use the quality seal “Check In Certified” may use this seal, as a complementary international seal, which will provide added value to the sector that could facilitate its economic reactivation “.


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