Worldwide recognition to the Spanish senator José Cepeda for his proposal to create a body of "blue cyber helmets" against hackers

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The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has recognized the work of the Spanish senator Jose Cepeda in the preparation of a world report on cybercrime. He has done so in a letter sent to the presidents of Congress and the Senate, Meritxell Batet y Ander Gilin which he highlights his “diligent efforts” to “raise awareness of the risks” of crimes that occur through the Internet.

In the letter, the secretary of the organization that represents the parliaments of 178 countries, Martin Chungong, considers that his contribution will have a “profound impact” in the promotion of “global security” and “international cooperation” in the matter. In this sense, he appreciates that he has provided “tools” so that the deputies can advance in the “protection of democracy” and in “generating trust between nations.”

Cepeda was chosen by the IPU to prepare a world report on cybercrime, which was presented at the Assembly held in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, last March. His main proposal is the creation of a new body of “blue cyber helmets” through the HIM that protect citizens from hackers, “who do not understand countries or borders.”

“This will only be possible based on two principles between the countries: cooperation and trust, especially between the intelligence services, which are the ones leading this battle and are in dire need of more resources,” stresses the Spanish senator and member of the PSOE. “That is why the United Nations can be that framework that brings together these two elements and helps at critical moments,” she adds.

Cepeda’s proposal achieved the unanimous support of the Peace and Security Commission and later of the plenary of the 146th Assembly of the IPU “despite the reservations of Russia and India.” The next step will be his debate at a world summit to be held in 2024.

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