Sport Worrying figures FC Twente: 'Many clubs can still find...

Worrying figures FC Twente: ‘Many clubs can still find a few million’

FC Twente is hit hard by the corona crisis. The club has just come out of austerity round and must immediately reduce the costs even further, from 28 million euros to 25 million euros.

This saving will mainly be sought in the player group. The selection goes from 26 to 20 players. “The player’s budget will decrease by about 2 million. That was 7.3 million euros this season and that will be between 5.2 and 5.5 million,” general director Paul van der Kraan told Tubantia. That is a decrease of almost 29 percent. “We also decided to introduce an investment freeze.” The cutbacks will probably not only be felt in the player group. “We are going to review player costs, and I cannot rule out looking at other personnel costs as well.”

Van der Kraan states that it is ‘the first time that the club gets into trouble without being the cause ourselves’. “Many clubs in the Eredivisie may still be able to find a few million somewhere. FC Groningen suspends the rent of the stadium. We cannot, because we have the stadium under our own management, just like the catering. That is suddenly a disadvantage “, says Van der Kraan, who has to intervene even more firmly if the audience is not welcome for a while next season. “Then it will be a very difficult year and we will not escape rigorous measures.”


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