WR Tate – The giants are not as distant as people think "


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The new Golden Tate golden receiver is not looking at the New York Giants as a complete reconstruction. He sees the situation differently, even though Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins and Olivier Vernon are no longer on the team after the recent moves.

Tate said Friday after signing a lucrative new contract with the Giants, according to which the team "is not as distant as people think". Part of that is the belief that there are good players on the roster.

The giants have sent mixed signals in recent days with their actions and words. They exchanged Beckham and Vernon with the Browns and allowed Collins to leave via a free agency. Collins signed a security record deal with the Washington Redskins.

Managing Director Dave Gettleman said in a statement to announce the trades that the giants are not blasting their eyes completely on the future.

"You can win while you build a roster," Gettleman said. "We have a plan, and this is a part of it."

The giants accepted an agreement with Tate about 24 hours later. It is for four years and $ 37.5 million with $ 23 million guaranteed.

New York will be the fourth stage of Tate. He started his career in Seattle, taken in the second round of the 2010 draft, and then signed as a free agent in Detroit before the 2014 season. He was sold to the Philadelphia Eagles in the middle of last season.

The veteran expert, who said he became a fan of the Giants and admired their history, is not exactly a young building. Turns 31 this summer.

Tate joins a Giants team that went 5-11 last season in Pat Shurmur's first year as a head coach. They have only won eight games in the last two combined seasons. Only the Cleveland Browns have won fewer games in the same span of time.

It does not prevent Tate from thinking that the Giants can do immediate damage.

"I really believe you can win games while you build," Tate said. "And we have a great division that was created for us to do great things. I'm really excited to play. I think we have some very important key elements, good pieces in this locker room that I'm eager to learn. Let's start with, we have a great quarterback, I think: we have a good back running and many other really good players, we just need to build that camaraderie and play as a team, day after day out, week by week, play for fun.

"I just believe that if we can get this team to always be on the same page, we will win the games and build as we go along. I feel that every NFL team is building an extension."



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