Wrapped in silk – the new Puretoi collection is online

For the new spring/summer collection, I created the patterns for the silk fabrics together with a designer from Milan. The silk has a stretch content so it is more flexible and adapts to the shape of the body. We designed a signature print in warm shades of orange with cream and the same pattern in different shades of blue, which looks very classy. The sunset print is bursting with color and freshness and immediately puts you in a good mood!

The various items can be worn as a single piece or in a total look.

This silk coat falls particularly casually and easily through the side slits. Link.

Short jacket in bourette silk with a linen-like structure. Underneath I wear a silk blouse in the same pattern as the silk coat. Link Blouse. Link jacket.

I especially like the mix of patterns. The color tones of the patterned blouse go perfectly with the jacqurd oversize coat. Link Mantel.

Here the silk blouse alone. Link Blouse.

In the same pattern, I’m wearing stretch silk pants with an ecru-colored silk blouse. Link Hose. Link Blouse.

Here’s the look with a coat. link coat.

The silk cape can easily be worn over a blouse or a t-shirt. Link.

The silk cape is also available in blue. Link.

In the total look. Blouse (Link) and trousers (Link).

The outfit becomes calmer with the oversize jacket made of bourette silk. Link jacket.

Blue silk coat with silk blouse and trousers. Link silk coat.

A light blue blouse is one of the most beautiful basics for me. It can be worn over pants or tied at the front. Link Blouse.

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Here in combination with the silk coat. Link Mantel.

On the beach in Portixol in a long silk dress. Link.

Or in short? Link dress.

Here I am wearing the cashmere sweater over the dress. Link Bull.

There is also a blouse in the bird motif. Link Blouse.

Total look in silk. Link blouse. Link Hose.

The coat also goes with this. Link.

Styled cooler with sneakers. Oversize coat and silk coat. Link Oversize Mantel.

Shorty in Seide. Link Bermudas in silk.

Have a nice Sunday! I am very happy if you visit our site www.puretoi.com stop by. Link.

Photo: Uwe Erensmann

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