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WSJ learned of the US approval of the software update for the Boeing 737 MAX after the accident

Basically, the changes, according to newspaper sources, have influenced the automated system to prevent the aircraft from stopping on the wing. Problems with her, as investigators believe, caused the Boeing 737 MAX to crash in Indonesia

Photo: Ted S. Warren / AP

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has provisionally approved a plan for large-scale software modifications and pilot training for the Boeing 737 MAX, which aims to solve problems with the aircraft control system. In this regard, with reference to the department's internal documents and family sources with their details, reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

According to its interlocutors – industry and unnamed government officials, following large-scale changes in the Boeing 737 MAX software, the automated stall prevention system will become less aggressive and more pilot-driven. In particular, in this modification, as indicated by the sources, it will carry out its work in a more delicate way, without suppressing and influencing other commands from the passenger compartment. Furthermore, he will not respond to the false testimony of one or two sensors, the publication said.

This system, based on your data, will allow you to automatically lower the nose of the aircraft only once and for no more than 10 seconds if the airliner can collapse on a wing or lose significantly l & # 39; height.

Therefore, as noted by the WSJ, substantially all changes in the software are reduced – they imply the abandonment of the basic principles of design and development on which Boeing relied when they designed a system to prevent aircraft stalling. This function, as investigators suspect, was the main cause of the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX Lion Air airline in Indonesia in October last year (then 189 people died), the newspaper noted. Now a group of international investigators, according to the newspaper, is also examining whether a similar problem led to the collapse of the same Ethiopian Airlines plane in less than five months in the vicinity of Addis Ababa.

Boeing updates the 737 MAX software after the crash



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