WTF – Toulouse Football Club could become Stade Toulousain Football

Stade Toulousain will therefore win the Champions League before Paris Saint-Germain, right?

We didn’t see that coming. In the midst of a crisis linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, and as the vagueness surrounds the future of the Top 14 as in Ligue 1 football, Stade Toulousain and Toulouse Football Club are in talks to … unite. In a joint statement, the two clubs reveal “negotiate in the interests of the two pink city sports institutions,” and give “a new impetus” or “oval ball and round ball would be one.”But supporters of the Rouge et Noir, fear nothing: it is the Violets who could be“ victims ”of this agreement, passing under the bosom of the Stade Toulousain.

A real thunderbolt, reminiscent of the episode of the merger (finally aborted) between Racing 92 and Stade Français. Except here, it would not be a merger, but an absorption or “the absorbed company ceases to exist while the absorbing company remains.”Clearly, the Toulouse Football Club could cease to exist, and thus become the Toulousain Football Stadium.

Growing up to survive?

In parallel to discussions on the future of the Top 14 under the gaze of the National Rugby League, Didier Lacroix would therefore conduct other negotiations with his Tef counterpart, Olivier Sadran. As we know, the president of Téfécé wishes to separate from the club. According to The Dispatch, he was even “entered into exclusive negotiations with a Sino-American group.“Obviously abandoned track, in favor of a new, more local partnership.

Growing up to survive, the ideal solution for Stade Toulousain? This investment makes sense, and could allow the quadruple European champion to raise his head, he who loses between 250,000 and 350,000 € for each Top 1 match not played. We know it : Ligue 1 is much more bankable that the Top 14, especially in terms of TV rights. For the formalization of the absorption, and the exact terms of the agreement between the two SASPs, it will nevertheless be necessary to wait.

The shared stadium, a new identity for the TFC

The two linked clubs, one can easily imagine that the Stade Toulousain (rugby!) Is moving definitively to the Toulouse Stadium. To fill the famous shortfall of this truncated 2019/2020 end of the season?

But the revolution will especially fall on the TFC, which should know a new identity, with a name name, new colors … What about its sporting future? Current last in Ligue 1 with only 13 points (three wins in twenty-eight games), the future Stade Toulousain Football could start again in the second division, unless they are saved in extremis on the green carpet. Like Barça, Stade Toulousain could in any case become a multi-sport club, present in the 1st division of two major disciplines in the country. When is the handball or basketball team?

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