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Entertainment Center / Shi Yuyun report

Chinese actor Wu Yifan was involved in a peachy storm. He was smashed by the 19-year-old Internet celebrity to “choose a concubine in the wine bureau”. He was suspected of deceiving underage girls and giving hush money. His image plummeted. Although Wu Yifan issued a statement denying the allegations, he spoke Brands have all cancelled their contracts, and the China TV Drama Production Association listed him as a bad artist in an official document, which is equivalent to “banning.” Wu Yifan’s studio issued a statement again in the evening yesterday (20) that it counter-controlled Do Mizhu’s 8 email threats and also disclosed the contents of the transfer through WeChat communication between the two parties. However, some netizens believe that his statement has always been around transfer records and has avoided the most important.

▲Wu Yifan was “selected by the wine bureau” by the Internet celebrity. The studio issued a statement denying all allegations. (Picture/Retrieved from Wu Yifan’s studio Weibo)

Wu Yifan’s studio issued a statement on the 20th, stating that on July 10, it received 8 threatening e-mails from Du Meizhu. Wu’s mother entrusted the staff to obtain Du Meizhu’s WeChat account. On the 11th, Du Meizhu started a dialogue with the staff. Mitake requested a private account to transfer money, and even provided the bank account of a third-party man surnamed Liu, stating that she would be checked if she used the company to transfer money, and asked to use a private account to transfer money.

▲ Internet celebrity Du Meizhu pulled out Wu Yifan’s scumbag behavior. (Picture/Retrieved from Dumeizhu’s Weibo)

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On the 12th, Mitake changed her WeChat account to continue to communicate. The staff questioned the identity of her and the third-party payee. In the screenshot, Mitake said: “I’m really speechless, just let you do it, don’t change it. “I don’t understand what you have been suspecting.” The statement accused Du Meizhu of forging chat records and denied that she had refunded 180,000 RMB, and the studio will take legal responsibility for the authenticity of all screenshots. .

▲ Wu Yifan’s studio issued a statement again, focusing on the topic of transfers. (Picture/Retrieved from Wu Yifan’s studio Weibo)

After the statement was exposed, some netizens believed that the studio did not respond to the accusations made by more than 20 women, but instead focused on the transfer of funds. When questioned, they avoided the most important issue, which once again aroused heated discussions among netizens.

The Youth Working Committee of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association also issued a paper on the 20th to name Wu Yifan, pointing out that he is a “bad actor and bad artist” and that relevant units must be banned. Wu Yifan was “cut” by 15 endorsements, with a rough estimate of the loss of NT$2 billion. .

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