Wuhan’s lab denied that the new coronavirus has left its facility

The director of the Wuhan Chinese City Maximum Security Laboratory, an institute accused by the US media of being the source of the new coronavirus, has categorically denied this Saturday the versions against it.

In the context of increasing pressure on the Asian country due to the way in which actions on this pandemic were initially managed, the North American authorities are trying to find out if the virus originated in this virology institute that has a biosafety laboratory.

Chinese scientists have claimed that COVID-19 likely jumped from an animal to humans in a market that sold wild animals, but some conspiracy theories claim that the disease spread from the scientific establishment located in Wuhan, specifically in the P4 laboratory, equipped to handle dangerous germs.

“It is impossible for this virus to come from us,” said Yuan Zhiming, director of the laboratory, in an interview with public media. In an interview with the CGTN channel, he also stated that none of the employees of this place were infected. “The entire institute conducts research in different areas related to the coronavirus,” he added.

The institute already rejected these theories in February and said it had shared information about the pathogen with the World Health Organization (WHO) in early January, but rumors have resurfaced this week in the United States. In fact, the Secretary of State of the North American country, Mike Pompeo, affirmed that American officials carry out a “complete investigation” on how the virus “came out into the world”.

“We clearly know what type of research is carried out at the institute and how it manages viruses and samples”, Yuan stated. Since the P4 laboratory is in Wuhan, “people cannot avoid making associations,” he regretted, accusing some media outlets of “deliberately trying to deceive” people with information. “Entirely based on speculation” and without “evidence”.

According to the Washington Post, the United States embassy in Beijing, after several visits to the institute, alerted the Donald Trump administration in 2018 to apparently insufficient security measures in a laboratory studying coronavirus from bats.

For their part, the Wuhan authorities initially tried to cover up the outbreak, and there are questions about the official infection count because the government has changed the computer system several times. This week, The city admitted errors in the death count and increased the figure by 50%.

Recently, Donald Trump himself argued that the number of deaths from coronavirus in China is much higher than what is reported and even higher than that reported so far in the United States, which had 38,000 fatalities.

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