Wuling Launches Cortez CT Type S, Cheaper than Avanza

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comWuling Motors (Wuling) officially introduces the latest variant of its inexpensive MPV lineup, the Cortez CT Type S. This model comes as a complement as well as being the cheapest variant in the Cortez family.

Cortez CT Type S will be marketed with two transmission options and a bench configuration. The price is marketed starting from IDR 209 million for manuals with a capacity of eight passengers, and IDR 233 for CVT transmissions that have seats captain seat.

“Cortez CT Type S is here to provide a driving experience powerful and comfortable with competitive prices. Having quite complete features and affordable prices for customers in the MPV segment, this product is suitable for families and corporate operational support, “said Nathan Sun, Vice President of Wuling Motors, in an official statement on Wednesday (07/15/2020).

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In terms of specifications, Cortez CT Type S is still supported by the engine turbocharger dedicated 1,500 cc. The machine is claimed to be able to produce power of 140 tk and 250 Nm of torque.

Wuling Cortez CTKOMPAS.com / Aditya Maulana Wuling Cortez CT

Not only that, Cortez CT Type S is also equipped with several modern features, such as one push start/stop button, keyless entry, remote open windows and luggage, as well anti-thief system.

Meanwhile, to support driving comfort, Cortez CT Type S is also equipped with 8-inch Advanced entertainment facilities entertaiment system, audio steering and call button, rear parking camera, rear dish brake, USB charding, as well as safety devices from ABS and EBD, up to dual SRS airbags.

“We hope that this latest Cortez CT variant can be well received by the people of Indonesia and can become the choice of consumers in the MPV segment,” Nathan said.

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When compared with competitors in the segment Cheap MPV 1500 cc engine, the price of Cortez CT Type S is cheaper than Toyota Avanza 1.5 G MT or even Veloz. Including when paired with Xpander or Mobilio.

In the framework of the third anniversary of Wuling in Indonesia, Wuling also presents special promos including for Cortez CT Type S. Consumers can get some interesting benefits, such as;

Wuling Cortez 1.5L Turbo CVT Wuling Cortez 1.5L Turbo CVT

1. Free maintenance for 4 years / 50,000 km (whichever comes first)
2. Free 100 masks for every product purchase
3. If the purchase is made on credit through Wuling Finance:
a. Free insurance costs during the tenor (specifically Cortez CT and Almaz SE)
b. Exchange old cars with Wuling products to get a gasoline voucher worth Rp 3,000,000 (including tax)


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