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WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for September 14, 2020

By Fede Fromhell – PUBLISHED ON 09/15/2020 AT 01:20

Michael Cole and Byron Sexton welcome Raw In Your Face, from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Dolph Ziggler is part of the commentary table alongside them.

Drew McIntyre comes out to the visible applause of WWE ThunderDome.

Recap of Randy Orton’s attack on Drew McIntyre and Drew’s subsequent revenge on The Viper.

“Randy Orton broke my jaw, but I’m back. I consider myself lucky, it was just a fracture. Orton should also consider himself lucky, he has his head attached to his body despite the three Claymore that I applied to him,” says Drew. The champion says he prefers to leave the ThunderDome in an ambulance every night, rather than leave his title. Challenge Randy Orton to make his match in Clash of Champions an Ambulance Match. McIntyre says his Claymore is the most dangerous move in wrestling, and tells how it came about. Below is an edited photo with victims of the Claymore. The faces of Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar appear on hospital patients, somewhat cartoonish.

Adam Pearce interrupts Drew McIntyre. He says his fight against Keith Lee is more than just a duel between friends. If Lee beats him tonight, and Orton doesn’t make it to Clash of Champions, Keith will get that opportunity.

The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and Cesaro charges an Uppercut on Angelo. He takes it to his corner and gives the relief to Nakamura, who is looking for the first account. Angelo manages to respond and goes on to control the ring with Montez. Returning from the break, Cesaro applies a wrench to Ford in the middle of the ring. Relays for both sides, Angelo attacks both opponents and looks for the account on Nakamura. Spinebuster and tag for Ford, who flies with a tremendous Frog Splash that Nakamura receives with his knees. Montez escapes from the count of three. Cesaro tramples Dawkins and places him on the bottom rope for Nakamura to kick from ringside. Brutal Pop Up Uppercut for Ford, who escapes on the count of three. Dawkins at ringside causes Nakamura to hurt his knee against the metal steps. Cesaro continues unloading Uppercuts on Ford and applies a Suplex from the second rope while Angelo takes over. Cesaro receives by surprise a Frog Splash from Angelo, who achieves the count of three.
Ganadores: The Street Profits.

Short video reviewing the career of Mickie James.

Angel garza Talk to Lana backstage. Lana complains about the Mickie James opportunity, considering that Natalya should have it. Garza agrees with her and flirts with her, but is interrupted by Zelina Vega. Zelina, accompanied by Andrade, criticizes him for having abandoned Andrade and away from gold. Garza says he is not guilty, Andrade received the count of three. Both fighters start arguing in Spanish, Zelina yells that she can’t do it anymore and leaves. Andrade and Garza start hitting each other when the break begins.

The Hurt Business takes to the ring. MVP praises his teammates. Alexander says being with Apollo Crews left him broke and penniless, and when he goes to say something about The Hurt Business he is interrupted.

Apollo Crews and Ricochet take the stage. Apollo tells him that it was sold and has been tampered with by MVP. “Now you’ll have to live with it,” Apollo yells angrily. Cedric interrupts him when he said that they had always been by his side. Shelton says they are jealous, Ricochet sends him to meddle in his own affairs. “We don’t want an explanation. Your stab in the back hurt more than The Hurt Business ever did me. We were brothers! Yells Ricochet. They won’t apologize, they’re going for him, Ricochet Menace.

Cedric Alexander (c/ MVP, Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Ricochet (c/ Apollo Crews)

The combat picks up speed quickly. After a brief exchange Ricochet kicks Cedric and dives into Moonsault from the second rope out. Chaos erupts ringside with The Hurt Business and Apollo, joined by Erik from Viking Raiders. Returning from commercials, Cedric maintains control over Ricochet. Hard kick to Ricochet’s knee followed by a Dropkick for the count of two. Ricochet responds, MVP shouts orders to Alexander. Ricochet connects several blows and then a kick that surprises Cedric. Full Nelson and bridge for the count of two. Ricochet flies, Alexander dodges him but falls to his feet. Cedric’s Michinoku Driver and a count of two. Cedric connects the Lumber Check and scores three.
Winner: Cedric Alexander.

As The Hurt Business celebrated in the ring, the ThunderDome screens were turned off and RETRIBUTION reappears on the Titantron. “We are the product of empty promises, the result of lies and betrayal. We trust, but now we see with open eyes,” says one of the masked men. Another adds that if you sell your soul to a corrupt machine, it makes you a corrupter. While the second spokesman continues speaking, several more masked men join in.

Sarah Schreiber entrevista a Mickie James. “I love this business with every part of my heart and soul. I gave this business my all. It brings out the best in me,” says Mickie. She talks about the wisdom that experience gives her. “I know what it takes to be a champion. What motivates me today is that it could be my last chance to win the Raw Women’s Championship,” she closes.

MVP, accommodated by the rest of The Hurt Business, rebukes Adam Pearce. “It is time for you to improve your safety as boys, to men,” says MVP. He’s fed up with RETRIBUTION’s presence, and offers his men to do a better job. Adam appreciates the volunteer offer, which makes The Hurt Business laugh.

Fight for the Raw Women’s Championship
Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James

They start with a take and take, none released for a few moments. They take distance and go back to trying some pins. Asuka looks for an arm key but Mickie reaches the ropes. Neckbreaker and a count of two about Asuka. Hard knees to Mickie, but not enough. Mickie takes her out of the ring and the break begins. Upon returning, they exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Headscissors for Asuka, but the champion responds quickly. James Flapjack who also reacts with speed. Mickie looks for height but Asuka stops her with blows. They scramble over the pole, Asuka falls, and Mickie lunges at her. Asuka reverses the pin but Mickie escapes. New exchange of blows in which Asuka surpasses her rival. Kicks for Mickie, who resists and catches Asuka with a leg lock. James kick but Asuka takes the rope. Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring, James spins over Asuka and struggles, but the referee rings the bell.
Ganadora: Asuka.

The referee reports that Mickie James could not continue.

Zelina Vega interrupts Asuka’s party.

“I’ve been thinking about my future. I wasted the best years of my life managing those two ungrateful ones,” says Zelina. Criticize Asuka for defending her title against fighters from the past, rather than looking at current talent. “Don’t ask me if I’m ready for Asuka, because I’m ready for that,” says Zelina pointing to the title. Asuka responds in Japanese and Zelina slaps her. Asuka screams from the ring as Zelina defiantly leaves.

Charly Caruso interviews Keith Lee. “People work their entire lives for an opportunity like the one I have right now,” says Lee. He talks about the goal of being a champion, and he knows that Drew McIntyre will do everything he can to stay champion, just as he will do what he needs to do. Regarding Drew’s injury, he says he does not want to take advantage of it with a friend, but to be champion in WWE, he will do what he has to do, he repeats.

Bobby Lashley vs. Erik

MVP joins the comment table during the match. Lashley punches Erik into a corner early in the match. Erik responds with an elbow that knocks Bobby down, but it’s not enough for the count of three. Lashley takes control again but fails to finish Erik. Full Nelson on the canvas to make Erik perform.
Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Kevin Owens is interviewed backstage. He doesn’t really know why Aleister Black is chasing him, and responds mockingly with several possible options, making mention of the music Black listens to and saying that he was locked in a dark room for a long time. He assures that he will take care of him, he does not know how, but he says he does not worry, because he is Kevin Owens. As he leaves, Aleister Black appears, watching.

Braun Strowman entra a Raw Underground.

Seth Rollins receive Murphy in the dressing room. Murphy feels guilty and begins to speak, but Seth tells him that forgiveness is part of the process. They have to look to the future, today is an opportunity. Seth asks if he’s ready, but then he punches him and pushes against the lockers. Grabbing him by the face, he yells at him that his role is to stay there and not ruin everything. Murphy accepts and receives another slap.

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