X Factor's Scarlett Lee reveals she thought her brother had a heart attack during horrific mobile home fire


SINGER Scarlett Lee endured a horrific week to keep her place on the X Factor stage – but the nightmare of her family is devastating fire continues.
In an exclusive interview, she told me that she could do it with the 7million pad she shares with her fellow contestants.
X Factor singer Scarlett Lee speaks for the first time as the fire that burns her family caravan home to ashes has left her 'paranoid' Said: "I could not sleep properly. My boyfriend had to be on the floor while I slept on the sofa and my dad would sleep in the armchair to watch me.
"I became very sorry, I needed to sleep by the door."
Scarlett recalled in the horrifying detail of the moment she saw her family's mobile home near Epsom, Surrey, at the start of last week – and thought her brother was dying.
She said: "I looked and my brother was on the floor. He was shaking, foaming from the mouth. I was thinking, 'has he just had a seizure, a heart attack?' "
Splash News The X Factor is now in fear that the same thing will happen to the £ 7million TV pad she shares with the rest of the contestants Scarlett was also injured when she was about her brother.
She said: "Oh my God, your eye and I was like, 'Mum, I do not know if my brother's dead or alive, I can not worry about my eye '. I was screaming and ripping my hair out. "
Her burnt-in-law burns to her back.
For example, you will need a treatment for another fortnight at least.
David New – The Sun in the Epsom, Surrey, burnt the caravan home to the ground as Scarlett's family escaped through the windowsDavid New – The Sun It took six fire crews more than four hours to put the fire out Mix's Jesy Nelson after terrifying fire
She said: "I could not open my eye. Any kind of light, like just turning on your phone. The doctors told me I could have lost my eyesight for good. I'm very lucky. "
Scarlett says she is her family, they were left "traumatized" by the fire and suffer distressing flashbacks.
She said: "Every time they dream of it. They're not close to getting a new home – their mental health is the biggest priority at the moment.
"People have been turning up with old-fashioned clothes. Vouchers for Christmas for kids, family and friends. There's a lot of people that have helped. You never forget them when you're down. "
David New – The Sun is being blown to the left of the family. David Smith, who saved the family's Christmas by delivering toys alongside the Harrods gift baskets Scarlett shared on Instagram this week.
She said: "I'm not one for a story but my family just had their own home, because it was all ashes, it was quite a hard day, books and Nerf guns for my nephew.
"Simon has been my rock and he's helped my family so much in ways I'd never be able to thank him for."
I think you could easily repay him if you won X Factor, Scarlett.
X Factor's Scarlett Lee reveals Simon Cowell sent her THREE Harrods after family FireREAD ON FOR MORE OF ANDY HALLS 'BIZARRE TV COLUMN
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