Xavi Hernandez reviews his career a few hours after the premiere of ‘FIFA 21’

There are only hours left. On October 9 it will finally see the light ‘FIFA 21‘. EA Sports threatens with another great football simulator that will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Witch, PC … and soon, on PlayStation 5. The desire to Many. And EA Sports wanted to review this new stage with one of its icons. Xavi Hernández spoke about his playing career. “He came and kissed the saint”, remember Xavi, “At 18 it is not normal to play 16 or 17 games, win LaLiga …”, He said.

Xavi’s fruitful career did not stop growing and he took a leap in quality with the victory at UEFA EURO 2008 that the player remembers in this way: “Luis Aragonés was the key to success”, highlights Xavi and adds that “He hit the key to play in a very concrete way, to his idea of ​​the game. I never imagined becoming the best player in UEFA, not even in my best dreams”. The following year he would add, among many others, a new LaLiga title to his record, thus finishing off a season in which he considers that “We were insurmountable and everything added up, you had the feeling that everything fitted together”. Xavi concludes this trip to the past by recalling the triplet achieved in her farewell year. In her words, saying goodbye like this was “complete happiness, the best possible script for any footballer”.

High expectations

The words and presence of Xavi Hernández do nothing more than make clear the company’s great commitment to the game, which it considers one of the best installments of the ‘FIFA’ saga, a game that all football lovers have on their calendar already in the summer months. Many will have it already reserved. Others will have burned .a demo. In a few hours, it will be in your hands.


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