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Xavier Naidoo (DSDS / RTL): confidant tries desperately to reach him – there is a novelty

What’s up with Xavier Naidoo? A confidant is also worried – and reports of desperate attempts to reach the singer.

  • Xavier Naidoo, Ex-juror at DSDS *, has posted several confusing videos with right-wing content.
  • Many fans and confidants are worried.
  • Now logs on Kool Savas on Instagram *.

Berlin – What about Xavier Naidoo Come on? The once so celebrated music-Star disturbs his fans with various confused videos with right tendencies. That is why he was thrown out of the DSDS jury *. While some just shake their heads, others are seriously worried about the 48-year-old. In his branch too.

One of the closest musical confidants is probably Kool Savas. Under the name of Xavas he had recorded the album “Split Personality” with Xavier Naidoo. According to hiphop.de, a sequel should actually appear, but nothing will come of it now.

Xavier Naidoo (DSDS / RTL): Kool Savas speaks out

In a video interview on the record company’s Instagram page * Stoked Kool Savas now comments. “It’s a big topic,” he begins to think, then carefully looks for words. “The subject has a few components … there’s a human side between him and me, a relationship. And there is a political side that has to do with responsibility. “

He gets a lot news of people who want an answer from him – or who mostly wanted their opinion confirmed, explains Kool Savas. But the rapper clarifies that he doesn’t want to be instrumentalized. “I have my opinion on it, and I’m still in the process of forming my opinion because I’m totally confused. I was very concerned with this topic, I am still concerned, and took me a lot. I am concerned with every video that appears new. “

Xavier Naidoo (DSDS / RTL): Kool Savas tried to contact him

He goes on to say, “I tried To establish contact, I could not speak to him, I wanted to speak to him. I have spoken to someone around him and have said my opinion so far. I haven’t had the chance to hear anything from him yet. It hasn’t happened yet. That was actually important to me, before I said anything if I wanted to have a personal conversation with him. That did not work.”

Some would have asked him to distance himself from the ex-DSDS juror *, others that he had to trust him. It was a difficult and emotional thing for him, said Kool Savas. “We did things that are important to me.”

The last time they saw each other was in 2017, then again at a concert a few weeks ago, “I felt like I was talking to him for 45 seconds”.

Xavier Naidoo (DSDS / RTL): According to fans, Kool Savas should position himself clearly

Kool Savas doesn’t understand his Fans putting him under pressure, not just asking for a statement, but also asking what it looks like with the album together. “As if that had some relevance now.” Five, six songs they had in the drawer. “But that’s not the point. How can it be about music or entertainment? Do they have a tit? It really upsets me that I have to listen to such rubbish from people who write such shit. ”Further expressions follow.

How did Kool Savas learn about the Xavier Naidoo vortex? “My father called me in the studio and asked if I saw the video, ”he explains. His dad was an absolute role model for him – and his parents were Xavier Naidoo fans. The father of Kool Savas was correspondingly perplexed: “He said he felt personally hurt and insulted.” Background:

According to the rapper, Kool Savas’ father was imprisoned for five years for fighting fascists. “He will never listen to a song by him again, it breaks his heart.” The statements of Xavier Naidoo are “what you would expect from the right wing”.

Xavier Naidoo (DSDS / RTL): Kool Savas also pressured by his own father

His father had asked to clearly distance himself from it. Although he has never interfered. An absolute novelty for Kool Savas. “That was hard for me.”

“I’m always in favor of giving people another chance. I have Xavier one SMS wrote, he has none Whatsapp. I wrote: ‘Hey, I would like to speak to you.’ I have no idea whether the number is out of date, that was the last number I got from him. There was no feedback, no answer. But I don’t write him a hundred messages now and say: ‘You have to report to me now.’ This is a grown man. ”He saw him as a big brother.

Of course, Xavier Naidoo was not accountable to him. But Kool Savas is still open for a conversation. He wanted to tell Naidoo what effect his words had, “especially for refugee families”. “We are a refugee family,” emphasizes Kool Savas – and his father is very hurt and disappointed.

DSDS fans have expressed a completely different suspicion against Dieter Bohlen.

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