Xbox Boss thanks employees for avoiding online interruptions at Christmas –

Xbox boss Phil Spencer thanked the staff who made sure online servers were up for the holidays for new console / PC owners.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer thanked the staff who made sure the online services were running behind the scenes over the holidays, so that new console / PC owners could enjoy their games. In the old days, a console and its games worked directly, as it was not possible to patch a NES game.

It can be tricky to enjoy new games and systems over the holiday period, assuming you can even buy one. People who open their presents on Christmas Day have to go through the process of updating their systems and then downloading day one patches for their games. This does not take into account downloading games that are purchased digitally, which can also be a lengthy process. People who have Xbox Game Pass (such as those who bought a system with Xbox All Access) can wait days to download games. As such, it is recommended that parents open consoles early and update new systems for their children, so they don’t have to look at loading screens on Christmas Day.

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The flood of new users on Christmas Day has caused online services to collapse in on themselves in the past. 2020 was a stable year, without major cuts in social networks. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has publicly thanked all the staff who worked hard to make sure the servers were up and running on Christmas Day so people could enjoy their games without interruption. It’s worth mentioning that Nintendo did mention a Twitter outage, so it’s possible Spencer was referring to this as there were no similar issues with Microsoft’s servers.

2020 saw a record amount of internet usage, as people were forced to stay home during the shutdown. This caused internet speeds to drop and data caps to be suspended. Companies like Microsoft and Sony imposed speed limits on their online services, which led to slower download speeds for new games. This holiday season was expected to cause all kinds of problems online, as new owners of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S could have caused server failures.

It is possible that there were minor outages and issues with people not being able to connect to the servers, but they were not widespread enough to cause massive complaints on Facebook or Twitter. Any issues were likely short-lived, thanks to the folks who worked through the holiday period to ensure everyone’s game Christmas was uninterrupted.

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Source: Phil Spencer / Twitter

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