Xbox exclusives, ambitions and disappointments with Cyberpunk 2077 and more topics in the SuperShow

After the holiday break, we return with our weekly program dealing with various current affairs.

The 3DJuegos SuperShow is back! After the holiday break, the writing of 3D Games meets again to discuss industry news, an informative agenda that has not stopped during these dates and that continues to have in Cyberpunk 2077 and its controversial launch on consoles one of its most prominent pages, even more so after the latest information appeared in the press where they spoke of an impossible date for many of their workers.

The list of Xbox Series X | S exclusive video games shared by Microsoft, with quite important productions such as Halo Infinite or Microsoft Flight Simulator, but also with some quite striking additions, also generated debate among the magazine’s colleagues, and among readers. From Sony, for their part, they had to put the brakes on the release dates of several brand-new titles for PlayStation 5, leaving the public with a sea of ​​doubts. Will we live this 2021 another year full of delayed announcements? Let’s hope not!

As usual in our weekly program, we not only talk about video games, but also about film and television, taking a look at all the feature films and series that are coming on the horizon for the different platforms. From this page we invite you to leave in the comments the projects that you most look forward to, and of course to discuss all the points discussed in the SuperShow.

SuperShow, Questions and Answers and much more with 3DJuegos on YouTube

Today’s program has featured Toni Piedrabuena, Alberto Pastor and Mario Gómez. Luis Marquez has been in charge of the assembly. The SuperShow hangs on the YouTube channel of 3DJuegos every Thursday, forming together with other formats such as Questions and Answers on Tuesdays and special video formats on Saturdays, a complete grid of audiovisual content for which we will continue to bet this year.

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