Xbox Game Pass gets a hammer feature and turns console more and more into PC

Actually, the Xbox is almost a small computer, but until now a controller was always necessary in order to be able to play games via the cloud. That’s about to change, to the delight of keyboard and mouse lovers.

Xbox: official keyboard and mouse support is coming

The Xbox Cloud Gaming feature allows you to play your favorite games via streaming, no matter what platform you use. While it’s a handy thing – and many are probably used to using their controller – here comes it a feature that some have probably been waiting for.

Microsoft has now officially confirmed that the Keyboard and mouse support in progress is. Xbox software engineer Morgan Brown says the controls are ready to be implemented, but global support is a work in progress. This is in keeping with the Xbox consoles themselves, which have had keyboard and mouse support for a while.

A discless Xbox with games in disc form? Maybe soon:

When is it supposed to be?

There is still no precise information about when the function will be introduced. However, many gamers who enjoy playing with mouse and keyboard now have something to look forward to. For example, it is not uncommon for mouse and keyboard users to have a big advantage for shooters, because they can move more precisely – so in the end it can have a positive effect on the games. (Source: Microsoft Game Dev)

Thanks to the new feature, the attractiveness of Xbox cloud gaming has also increased. Although a wide variety of Xbox games are already available on PC, not all have made the leap yet. PC gamers who are interested in Xbox-exclusive games could now think more about the Game Pass Ultimate – another plus point for both sides.

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