Technology Xbox helped Cuphead get to PS4

Xbox helped Cuphead get to PS4

Cuphead it was on everyone’s lips just a few days ago when his surprise arrival in PS4, even Xbox through social networks were happy about the news and what they celebrated.

An interesting detail and one that always comes in handy to remember is that Cuphead is a video game that had Microsoft’s support from the start from its inception, and now thanks to the announcement of the arrival of the fun and difficult title on PS4, we know that it could get there , thanks again to the support of Xbox. It is Maja Moldenhauer co-founder of Studio MDHR who says the following in a interview.

It’s amazing that the people at Xbox have shown so much support for bringing this game to more people.

We are very grateful for your help.

Microsoft always supported Cuphead from the start

The case of Cuphead is something interesting, because, although it is not an Xbox exclusive, if it is a game that got approval from its fans there, then it was released in Nintendo Switch And now it does on PS4, however, Microsoft was always there supporting the project.

The celebrations don’t end there, Studio MDHR confirmed that a free special upgrade will come to Xbox users at some point, this for the sake of recognize the players who believed in Cuphead from the start. We recommend you keep an eye on Xbox Generation for more news.


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