Xbox launches a joke at PlayStation with free updates in Series X / S

One of the funniest and most unexpected anecdotes that E3 of 2013 left us was the publication of a video in which Sony itself, by way of mockery and derision, taught us how to lend PlayStation 4 games to our friends in one easy step. As you may recall, this was the company’s response to the initial proposal that Microsoft had with Xbox One to make it exclusively digital and limit the copies of the games to a single account.

Microsoft returns it to Sony seven years later

Video went highly viral and has already had almost 18 million views on YouTube, something that helped Sony to win the favor of the public against its competition. However, seven years later, it is now Microsoft who has taken the opportunity to turn the tables on its most direct competitor attending to the different policies that both companies have regarding the updates that the games of the current generation will have on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

As you know, many of the games developed by Microsoft studios will receive an update to improve their graphics and performance on Xbox Series X / S compared to Xbox One, an improvement equivalent to what we would expect from a remastering that we will receive completely free of charge. shortly after we have the title in question. Or what is the same: buy a single Microsoft game that you want (either in physical or digital) and enjoy it on all platforms of the Xbox ecosystem with its corresponding improvements in each of them.

Instead, PlayStation 5 is being the victim of a great controversy in the networks because the improved version of Spider-Man, Spider-Man Remastered, we can only get it by going back to checkout and buying the Ultimate version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, something that has not sat too well with those who already have their copy of PlayStation 4, since they are charging them again for a service equivalent to the one that the competition offers for free with their games.

Taking advantage of this commotion, the official Xbox Twitter account has published a humorous tweet in which a thread is announced on how to update your games from Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S and enjoy the advantages that the new machine offers, something that, obviously, they end up explaining in a single and forceful step: “Just buy the game“, an accompanying message with a popular Leonardo DiCaprio meme.

And be careful, since This has not been only a matter of the English division of Xbox, since the Spanish has also been encouraged with the joke, although as you can see just below, they have opted to change the meme.

The arrival of the new generation

As you can see, the competition between both brands is red hot, something normal if we consider that there are not two months left before we can enjoy the next generation of consoles, with PS5 premiering on November 19 and Xbox Series X / on the 10th of the same month.


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