Xbox responds to Google by promising to have an E3 with equally large ads


Xbox One E3 Atomix

The news that shook the videogame industry during Games Developers Conference 2019 was undoubtedly the announcement of the platform Stadia to play through the Google stream. But companies that have been in the business for many years now Microsoft, they also claim to have their trump card and indeed promise they will have a E3 2019 with equally large announcements.

Shortly after the announcement of Stadia, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, sent an e-mail to the employees of the company where he made known his point of view on the new competitor. The email has been filtered and inside, Spencer He said he was not surprised by the plans Googlehowever, he was struck by the interaction he will have with YouTube, Google Assistant and with WiFi control.

Here part of what it says in the mail:

Google has become big today and we have a few months so that even in the E3 we go great. We must remain agile and continue to build around our consumers.

We have the content, the community, the team and the strategy of the Cloud and, as I said for a while, everything depends on the execution. This is more true today.

in Microsoft They worked with similar Cloud-based technologies. In addition, the system for downloading games in services such as Xbox Game Pass. The rumors indicate that they could announce a console without a disc reader. Just over three months have passed E3 2019, it is only the months that other escapes and voices begin to emerge.

Via: VG247

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