Xbox Scarlett will be the most powerful console according to Matt Booty


Microsoft has benefited greatly from the promotional level of the fact that Xbox One is the most powerful console today. The good press he generated was so much that it was assumed that Redmond would have tried the same thing with Xbox Scarlett. For more information about the company's employees, we talked about two models that aim to get the best price and the greatest power of the next generation.

Of course it's hard to know if Microsoft and Sony know exactly the hardware configuration of its top competitor, and it seems that both companies are playing poker with regards to the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett specifications. Some alarms have activated this E3 when Microsoft has avoided talking about power formally presenting your next console during the conference. This was followed by some rumors that assured that PS5 would be the one that would bring the cat into the water this time.

Matt Booty says the Xbox Scarlett will be the most powerful

However, in conversations with the economic environment Bloomberg, Matt Booty current boss of Xbox Game Studios has assured that Xbox Scarlett will be the console «more powerful and engaging market"It seems that Microsoft knows what steps its main competitor is taking, or thinks he knows, or maybe he is willing to make a bet so powerful that it would be very difficult to match.

Although Microsoft has refrained from saying in its conference that Xbox Scarlett would have been the most powerful console, if it had used the term «immersive", And it was used again by Booty before Bloomberg. One wonders what Microsoft is referring to with this term. It refers only to the graphic quality that you will get in your games, or c & # 39; is something else. To launch a chance on air, perhaps Microsoft expects Scarlett to be its first console truly compatible with mixed reality. Who knows?


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