Xbox Series X reaches lower temperatures than Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and PS4

Xbox Series X it’s a console better chilled than Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, as shown by the analyzes of two different specialized media: VentureBeat Y Windows Central. After several weeks in which there was speculation on social networks about the heating of the device (Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg had to deny it), the data offers a different overview.

The analysis of VentureBeat has been made using a digital thermometer double channel, introducing the thermocouples not inside the console, but in the gaps through which more hot air comes out; so, the internal heat of the machine is not measured, but of the air coming from the different devices.

Less heat than Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, PS4 and a gaming laptop

That being cleared up, all the compared devices are running Hitman 2 in a room at 23.6 degrees Celsius. The average temperature reached by Xbox Series X It is 47.7, the maximum is 50.4 and the minimum is 38.9. Xbox One X It ran at a mean of 52.1, a high of 54.5, and a low of 50. PS4 Pro Ascend the data: maximum of 65, mean of 62.5 and minimum of 60.1. In a computer With a Ryzen 9 3900 XT and an RTX 3080 graphic the air temperature coming from the box was 35.5 on average, 44.1 on maximum and 32.1 on minimum.

In Windows Central have performed the analysis using a cmara trmica in a room at about 18 degrees Celsius. Xbox Series X running Monster Hunter World in resolution mode reached 35, while Xbox One X with the same game in the same mode it was set to 56. A laptop Razer Blade 17 Pro with an RTX 2070 running World of Warcraft exceeded by 40 and one PS4 standard with Bloodborne reached 60. The same media indicates that the machine in sleep mode it stays around 25, similar to a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo.


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