Xbox will get a new Microsoft Store. The corporation presented a refreshed store

Microsoft has just unveiled the new Microsoft Store, which will provide a number of improvements over the current version. Players will be able to browse individual products much faster and even get an insight into productions from different generations.

Microsoft intends to use the Xbox Series X to integrate all its consoles, so the company decided to take care of an improved store. The new Microsoft Store has just been unveiled and will be open to Xbox Insider members at the beginning.

Americans emphasize that the new store works more than twice as fast as its predecessor – in less than two seconds we will turn on the Microsoft Store and we will browse the individual sections without any problems. The company even provides easy access to trailers.

Players can count on the redesigned search functions to reach interesting titles faster, easily put them on the wish list or jump to the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

The new Microsoft Store will allow you to browse games from four generations and productions from the Xbox 360 and the first Xbox will be treated as standard titles, so we will also put them on the list. Parents will get an easy way to set filters for 8-year-olds, for example, so that young players cannot browse through inappropriate content. You will see the refreshed Microsoft store in the video below (from around 24:20).

Earlier, Xbox UK sent an interesting message regarding the controllers – the information appeared in relation to today’s Sony announcement.


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