Xerox is offering for HP

HP headquarters in Palo Alto

The offer would include a premium to HP's current market value of $ 27 billion.

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new York The US printer manufacturer Xerox has a takeover bid for the computer corporation HP submitted. This was announced by HP on Wednesday after US market close. There were no more concrete details. The offer would include a premium of $ 27 billion to HP's current market value, reported the “Wall Street Journal” on Wednesday citing people familiar with the plans.

Xerox has the informal commitment of a bank to finance. Last year, Xerox had failed in its investors' plans to acquire Fujifilm for $ 6.1 billion.

HP would be an offer of stocks and cash, the paper said. The Xerox Board of Directors had taken on the considerations on Tuesday. However, it was still unclear whether an offer would actually be made and whether it had the prospect of success.

It was not until Monday that the Connecticut-based company said it would sell its $ 25 billion stake in the joint venture with Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, for $ 2.3 billion. The background was the failure of the planned acquisition of Fujifilm. Xerox abandoned the plan when, among others, major investor Carl Icahn opposed it.

HP has recently struggled with difficulties in its printer business. In the third quarter, sales of the division fell by five percent compared to the same period of the previous year. HP declined to comment on the newspaper report. At Xerox, no one was available for that at first.

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