Xi Jinping Beats Taiwan Company, Sentences & Fines

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China warns Taiwanese companies about activities supporting the island’s independence. An official statement was even issued by China’s body in charge of Taiwan, the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO).

“Beijing will never allow people to support Taiwan independence and damage cross-strait relations to make money on the mainland,” said TAP spokesman Zhu Fenglian, in a statement released late Monday.

“A large number of Taiwanese companies need to distinguish right from wrong. Stand firm in their position while drawing a line against divisive forces regarding ‘Taiwan independence’,” he said.

Tensions between Taipei and Beijing have indeed escalated in recent months. Beijing claims Taiwan as part of its province while Taipei asserts itself as an independent democratic nation.

China has been reported to have sent fighter jets across Taiwan’s skies several times. On several occasions, China has also asserted its “unification” with the island, albeit by force.

Launch AFP, This statement also follows the fines imposed by China on Taiwanese conglomerate Far Eastern Group. Companies that invest in China are considered to be violating local laws.

Far Eastern is one of the largest conglomerates in Taiwan with a number of businesses. Ranging from textiles, construction, hotels to the department store chain Sogo.

The company confirmed that they were fined more than 88 million yuan (US$13 million) in China. The reason is that it violates environmental protection, fire safety, taxation and other regulations.

This is not the first time TAO has taken strong action against Taiwan. Last week, TAO listed some of the island’s top politicians as masterminds behind Taiwan’s independence and warned that authorities would “pursue criminal responsibility” for life.

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“For me it’s like another little cog, moving from targeting Taiwanese individuals to companies,” Kharis Templeman, a political scientist in Taiwan, wrote on Twitter.

“I imagine there will be significant resistance to this. Local partners are also making money,” he added.

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