Health Xi Jinping sought to strengthen his alliance with the...

Xi Jinping sought to strengthen his alliance with the WHO and rejected the “politicization” and “stigmatization” of the coronavirus pandemic

Xi Jinping’s speech at the UN Assembly

The President of China, Xi Jinping, rejected this Tuesday to the UN any “attempt at politicization” or “stigmatization” around the coronavirus pandemic, minutes after US leader Donald Trump called to make Beijing is held accountable for “infecting the world” with COVID-19.

“Any attempt to politicize the issue must be rejected”Xi said in a video message to the 75th United Nations General Assembly.

The president stressed that the response to the disease must be “guided by science” and asked to give a key role to the World Health Organization (WHO), heavily criticized by Trump.

“The virus will be defeated. Humanity will win this battle ”, The Chinese leader insisted, calling for international cooperation and supporting the most vulnerable countries through debt relief and the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda. “We have to serve developing countries, especially African ones”, he stressed.

The Chinese president, highly questioned by the delay with which he informed the world about the pandemic that broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan, China reaffirmed the commitment of its country in the fight against the pandemic, ensuring that it will continue to send medical material and share its findings on the virus with the international community.

He also promised that vaccines developed in the country -China has several vaccine candidates in phase 3- “They will be global public goods” and that developing countries will be prioritized for distribution.

“Today the world is waging a battle and going through profound changes. Covid-19 will not be the last crisis for humanity “Xi said in a call for international cooperation. “We must be together to respond to the challenges. We live in an interdependent global village. Humanity shares a common destiny “, he added to the president, before urging “Overcome the trap of the clash of civilizations”.

According to the Chinese president, the pandemic “It confirms that economic globalization is indisputable. The world will not back down to opposing blockades ”.

“It is imperative to have an open and inclusive vision. Oppose unilateralism and protectionism “, he said, in a critique of the trade war waged by Donald Trump to counter Chinese business practices.

Finally the Chinese leader assured that your country will not keep no kind of war, “neither hot nor cold”, despite strong tensions with the United States and warnings from the United Nations about the growing gap between the two superpowers.

Xi insisted that China will never seek “hegemony” and that it is committed to a world based on cooperation and multilateralism.

He said, Beijing will strive to resolve any dispute through dialogue and negotiation and believes that, in a world as interconnected as today, no country wins over the problems of the other.


Donald Trump: “We must hold the country that unleashed the pandemic in the world, China, responsible”


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