Xiaomi applies Altabox | Econocom digital signage solutions in its new stores

The smartphone and electronics company Xiaomi continues its expansion plan and opening new stores in Spain, in which it is incorporating the technological proposal of this specialist.

The new establishments that the manufacturer of smart phones and electronic products Xiaomi has opened in Spain have the digital signage technological proposal of Altabox|Econocom.

Specifically, one of the latest openings has been in Madrid. To expose the products and services that Xiaomi offers to customers, professional monitors have been installed on which the Kentia CMS content manager acts, integrated directly into the screen’s SoC, which is part of the RealDooH retail solutions suite.

In this way, the installation is simplified and the content is managed by acting directly on the screen, so that it is possible to broadcast different content according to different time slots or audience profiles.

For this project, Altabox has incorporated large-format screens, with a size of 75 inches, which are seamlessly integrated into the aesthetics and furniture of the store, and which show specific content of the brand and of interest to its customers.

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